Valentine's Day update (belated)

02/15/2015 |

Even if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day (USA Feb14), please do something nice for those you love. Along those lines, more LToons (L1061-1065) and MishMash (MM621-630)goodies have been added to the Gallery's. As y'all know, comments are always appreciated via the Forum.

TEN more from Julianne

02/09/2015 |

Our lovely Julianne has added TEN panels to her Galleries (J-111 thru J-120). Enjoy and please leave a comment for her via the Forum. (Note: Julianne previous work has been moved to a new Gallery subfolder #1 since her (...)


01/30/2015 |

Here they are, 2261-2280!  Only twenty more to a full 2300 covers.  Enjoy, and please COMMENT over at The Forum.

           Hugs, Jezzi

First LToons this year!

01/10/2015 |

New LToons have been added (1051-1060). Comments via the Forum or PM are welcome.


12/30/2014 |

To usher in 2015, here are twenty more Vaingirls Comics covers. Here's the link, 2241-2260

Enjoy, and please make a resolution to comment in The Forum on everyone here at TGcaps' work.

Hugs, Jezzi (...)

Image Consistency

12/29/2014 |

When this site was relaunched (split from TGComics) almost a year ago, it was decided that NO 'live action' imaging would be allowed on the new TGCaps site, and we've held to that policy. Unfortunately, as has been pointed out, that policy has not been applied to the Forum with any consistency, and we believe that has to change. No effort will be made to 'clean up' previous Forum postings, but hereafter we will maintain content (...)

Gallery by Julianne hits 100 mark

12/20/2014 |

We are privilaged to welcome another 10 panels to Julianne's gallery, bringing its current count to a nice even 100. Please honor her with a comment regarding her work via the Forum.

Gallery LToon-11 pumps up to 50

12/14/2014 |

A new addition of 15 panels raises the LToon count to 1050 (so far). Comments on the Forum are appreciated, of course.

Weekend Update by Julianne!

12/06/2014 |

Julianne has updated her gallery with 10 more panels (81-90). Please enjoy and give her feedback via the Forum.


New Gallery opened for Alexis Skull

11/18/2014 |

We're very honored to announce the addition of Alexis Skull to our Gallery contributors. HERE are her first twenty (20) offerings, some of which you may have seen in the Forum. Please leave your comments there for the benefit of all.