VAINGIRLS Comics, from the 40's into the 60's!

05/25/2015 |

Here they are, 2341-2360 covers! 

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Hugs, Jezzi

Julianne adds more!

05/07/2015 |

Julianne is currently one of our most prolific contributors, and its great to have her add yet another TEN juicy items (J131-140) to her Gallery of goodies. Comments via the Forum are welcome and apprciated, as you all well know.


05/05/2015 |

Here they are, issues 2321-2340!  Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

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Mixed Update from Lorna

04/22/2015 |

The latest addtions are a mixture of Lorna's "LToons" (LT1066-1075) and MishMash (MM646-655). After you've browed them and the previous updates, please take a moment to contribute comments via the Forum.


04/20/2015 |

Here's issues 2311-2320.  I got my new computer, but now that I'm only using my old one for VG covers and I've moved it to the much cooler basement, the problems with it overheating seem to have disappeared. The next posting will probably be back to twenty, unless you all think ten at a time is better. Enjoy and COMMENT at The Forum, if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi (...)

Julienne does it again!

04/10/2015 |

Even more of Julianne's goodies already? How delicious! She's blessed us with yet another 10 panels (J-121/J-130). Check them out and give her some feedback via the Forum.

New from Julianne

03/28/2015 |

Some new toonish goodies have been added by Julianne to her #2 Gallery (J-111-120). Plz note that there was a sequence numbering error of her previous 10 panels which has been corrected so they could be included in her #2 gallery with this latest batch. Naturally, it's good manners to post feedback (...)

Only 10 VAINGIRLS Covers this time ...

03/18/2015 |

... in a new folder, 2301-2400, so click here to start!  I'm getting my new computer tomorrow, the one on which none of my cover making programs work, so these may be it for awhile till I learn new programs.

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Hugs, Jezzi

March Madness MM-Style

03/07/2015 |

A new batch of 15 panels have been added to the MishMash Galleries (MM_631-645). Please enjoy and leave comments if moved to do so via the Forum or PM.

2300! More VAINGIRLS!

03/05/2015 |

The next posting will start a new 2301-2400 album, but it may be awhile. My computer is nine years old and is deteriorating rapidly. However, none of the four apps I use to make VG covers will work on a new Mac (Don't even think about suggesting a non-Mac!) so I'll have to learn how to use new apps that will. Meanwhile, here's the last of the 2200s ... 2281-2300.  Enjoy and (...)