New Gallery opened for Alexis Skull

11/18/2014 |

We're very honored to announce the addition of Alexis Skull to our Gallery contributors. HERE are her first twenty (20) offerings, some of which you may have seen in the Forum. Please leave your comments there for the benefit of all.


11/09/2014 |

Here's 2221-2240. Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi

Pre-Halloween panels

10/27/2014 |

To initiate the week of All Hallows Eve (US version) here are a few LToons (1031-1035) and MishMashes (604 replaced, & 311-320) to make up for the recent down time hereabouts. (...)

Into the 2200's with VAINGIRLS: New album

10/07/2014 |

Here it is, the new album for 2201-2300!  Start off with the first twenty, 2201-2220

Enjoy, and COMMENT over at the forum, if you like.

      Hugs, Jezzi

More MM & LT

10/06/2014 |

There are more additions to the Galleries of Mish Mashes (601-610) and Lorna Toons (1021-1030). Please enjoy and leave comments in the Forum so we'll know what you like (and don't).

The last twenty in the VAINGIRLS 2100 series!

09/29/2014 |

These last twenty, 2181-2200, have  actually been up since the middle of August, I just have never gotten around to adding my usual source and coment content. The gaps were the photo cocvers.

       Hugs, Jezzi

Content Rules

09/29/2014 |

To all TGCaps members:  When this site relaunched early this year it was clearly stated in our TGCaps Manifesto that we host recaps of 'art' images ONLY, not recaptioned frames of live/photo images or photo-manipulations. This applies to our Gallery as well as Forum postings by members. Femur also emphasized this policy in an early Forum post. Until (...)

Another TEN from Julianne

09/20/2014 |

We are pleased to announce that Julianne has added another batch of TEN (10) beaties to her collection. Please continue to encourage her with a comment via the Forum here or here.

We're staying active, honest!!

08/31/2014 |

The Lorna Toons archive has increased by another 10 panels (starting HERE). As is our routine request to viewers/members, please leave comments on the Forum.

A Long Drought Breaks.

08/17/2014 | Categories:

After a long dry spell, here are new issues of Altered Fates and Confessions of the Crossdresser.