LToons to the Rescue

02/04/2014 |

It's been a bit slow since TGCaps was relaunched so here's a new 10-batch of LToons (941-950). Please enjoy and offer comments or whatever in the Forum.

VAINGIRLS, Twenty With All Comic Book Originals

01/21/2014 |

Here's 2041-2060.   

Enjoy, and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like. 

BTW:  My originals notifications and my commentary are now underneath the covers.

Hugs, Jezzi

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some of the links I include will not take you to the right (...)

Tons of Stuff

01/15/2014 | Categories:

During the TGCaps outage I posted a bunch of panels on it’s Forum under a ‘hiatus’ thread. Now that the site’s relocated and all the old stuff migrated, I’ve added those ‘hiatus’ panels (LT 841-900,901-940 (...)


VAINGIRLS: Twenty from non-comic originals

01/06/2014 | Categories:

Here's 2021-2040.

2021- 2030 all were made from old black & white photos; 2031-2040 were made from non-comic graphics - magazine and paperback book covers, advertisements, story illustrations, etc.

Back to comic book cover originals with 2041+, coming soon!

ENJOY and COMMENT at The Forum if you like.

Hugs, (...)

WELCOME to the new re-hosted TGCaps

12/27/2013 | Categories:

WELCOME all lovers of TG captioning to the new rehosted TGCaps, sister site of TGComics.

Those familiar with the old site will notice immediately that the footprint is entirely different. In addition, some old content was not retained that did not comply with the new ‘official’ Manifesto that details TGCaps' vision and goals. Just as before, general public access is allowed for everything, the only restriction (...)