06/07/2024 |

... at least D cups as JAMES took advantage of the special enhancements package!

Wel, here;s the last of the 41 hundreds, 4181-4200. There;ll be a whole new album starting next time.

Stay safe, Hugs, Jezzi

MAYbe it's time for VAINGIRLS!

04/28/2024 |

Here are 4161-4180 !!

Enjoy, and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like,

Hugs, Jez

MAY the Femme Force be with you !!


03/03/2024 |

Here's 4141-4160, gang. Enjoy and COMMENT,if you like, at The Forum.

Yanks,  if you can, register and VOTE! If you're at this site, you know why.

Hugs, Jez

VAINGIRLS 2024: Here's to a GURLY year!

01/23/2024 |

Here's 4121-4140!  Enjoy, and COMMENT over at The Forum if you like

Happy New Year,

Hugs, Jezzi

A Merry Christmas Gift from VAINGIRLS

12/13/2023 |

Imagine these in a baby blue wrapped new folder tied off with multiribbonsandalargebow - pink, of course:  


Enjoy and COMME?NT over at The Forum, if you like.

Have a Merry One, Jezzi 

VAINGIRLS: Goodbye 4000's, On To 4101 + next time!

11/10/2023 |

Here's 4081-4100!  Enjoy, and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

P.S. If you "don't get" 4081 you're probably 35 or younger; do check out the song links.

Hugs, Jezzi

FALL into femininity with VAINGIRLS

09/24/2023 |

Here they are, gurls, 4061-4080

Take a look and COMMENT, if you like, over at The Forum.

VG4078 was especially fun to do.

Hugs, Jezzi

Maidenly Midsummer Nights Dreams for all good VAINGIRLS

08/18/2023 |

Sleep pretty, gurls. Here are 4041-4060

Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

Hugs, Jez

Happy Independence Day from VAINGIRLS!

07/05/2023 |

I like to think all the fireworks were to introduce Vaingirls' 4021-4040!

Enjoy and, if you like, COMMENT over at The Forum.

Hugs, Yankee Doodle Jezzi

(About our Independence Day:  You Brits are probably better off without us.)

VAINGIRLS: I thought I was done, but ...

05/08/2023 |

Here's  4001-4020   Into the four thousands!  

Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like

Hugs, Jez