Goodbye To January from VAINGIRLS!

01/31/2018 |

Here's 3061-3080. Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum,if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi

Update for LToons and MM's

01/21/2018 |

New LToons [5+] and Mish Mashes [15+] have been added. Feedback via our Forum is much appeciated.

"Just Sneyd" Now in Jolene Middleton's Re-Caps!

01/20/2018 | Categories:

100 new caps exclusively of Playboy artist Doug Sneyd

Tobe's Recaps 1601-1700 now up!

12/31/2017 |

I am now officially caught up on my posts (1601-1700), so production will drop off in 2018.  Have a safe and happy New Year!

A Happy VAINGIRLS new year to you all!

12/30/2017 |

Here's 3041-3060. Enjoy and COMMENT, if you like, at The Forum.

Hugs, Jezzi

Jolene's Recaps 1301-1400 Now Up!

12/14/2017 |

Hope you enjoy them HERE!

400 New Jolene's Re-Caps Posted!

12/10/2017 | Categories:

My router suddenly didn't allow me to load the site, so I've been offline all November.  Now, today, it suddenly loads again, so I've posted four sets of 100 each (701-1100).  I don't know if this situation is resolved or what, so I'm trying to get as much as possible online.  Sorry about the overload but look at it this way:  you have all year to look at them! Wink

A THANKSGIVING THANKS to Vaingirls viewers!

11/22/2017 |

Here are 3021-3040! Eat turkey and fall asleep while viewing them. (Well, immediately after viewing them  :-)

Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum.

Hugs, Jezzi