New for Fall! A new VAINGIRLS album and the first 20 of the 3200's

09/21/2018 |

Here's 3201-3220. Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi

VAINGIRLS: End of anmother "Hundred" ON TO 3300!

08/24/2018 |

Here's 3181-3200.  Comment at The Forum, if you like.

July's EOM Drought Ends

07/27/2018 |

10 new goodies have been added to both LToon's and MM's   Please submit any comments etc via our Forum. [Note: The combined efforts Jezz (yesterday) (...)


07/27/2018 |

Here's 3161-3180.  Enjoy and COMMENT over at the Forum. (Also at The Forum, a site you contributors might want to check out.)

Hugs, Jezzi

VAINGIRLS: Twenty More ... again

06/24/2018 |

Here's 3141-3160.  Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi

VAINGIRLS RETRO - back to the 1800's!

05/23/2018 |

A month or so ago I noticed that the folder here for VG covers 1801-1900 was empty. Somehow all 100 covers had been deleted. I have replaced them, so this is a good time to take a trip back to 2012 and review them.

Enjoy and COMMENT over at the Forum! 

Hugs, Jezzi


05/11/2018 |

Here's 3121-3140. Enjoy, and COMMENT over at The Forum.

Hugs, Jezzi

Huge May 1st update of our contributors!!

05/01/2018 |

Wow! May Day brings new goodies from stuff from Jolene, Jezzi, and now Lorna with 10 LToons and 15 Mish Mashes. Please (...)

VAINGIRLS: Into the 3100's! (and a movie poster, too!)

04/02/2018 |

In a new folder, 3101-3120 are here! Enjoy. Check them out and go COMMENT at The Forum if you like.

Something NEW! Issue 3108b is the very first poster for the very first picture made by a new subsidiary of Vaingirls Comics parent company, Vaingirls, Inc., Vaingirls Motion Pictures. The film was inspired by comic #3108a.

If you follow my work, you've (...)

Trying to Beat Back March Drought!!

03/20/2018 |

New LToons and MishMashes have been added to the Gallery (10 each). Comments are welcome via the Forum. (Sorry that it's been so quiet for a while. Maybe our contributors are out enjoying the early Spring weather, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, eh!)