New LToons posted

08/21/2015 |

TEN new LToons have been added to the Modified Panels galleries. Sorry for the long drought, but things have been pretty slow over these summer months. Too bad our drought in the western USA can't be as easily quenched and wash away the plague of range fires we're having. But that too shall pass. Anyway, on a happier front, please post your reactions to this latest batch of (...)

Mid-Summer Update by Julanne

07/27/2015 |

The talented Julianne has added another 10 panels to her collection. Please enjoy and leave comments via the Forum.

VAINGIRLS: Last Twenty of the 2300's!

07/16/2015 |

Here they are, 2381-2400. Enjoy and COMMENT, if you like, over at The Forum.

Hugs, Jezzi

2381 and 2399 are for you gurls with secretary/work place fantasies, and I dedicate them to my sweet sister, Andi, who is the office gurl extraordinaire.

New LToons ups total @ 2000!!

07/12/2015 |

We've added TEN more panels, pushing the LToons count total to-date of 2000 juicy morsels. Please comment via the Forum, and you're welcome to go back over all of them if you have a few hours to spare. Kiss

Classic B-n-W additions for Lorna's Toons

06/27/2015 |

A batch of TEN new LToons have been added using some classic black-and-white goodies from days of yore. Please enjoy and offer comments via the Forum.

Robin goes undercover as Harley Quinn

06/18/2015 |

I haven't been able to be as prolific as some of the other artists here, so only one today.  But HERE is my latest panel starring Robin as Harley Quinn.  Please leave any feedback on the Forum.  Truly, Wren.

Julianne's Jewels now at 150!!

06/16/2015 |

Since joining TGCaps, Julianne has been a wonderfully prolific contributor, and her latest 10 panels have already raised her panel content to a generous count of 150. Please enjoy these latest items, and post your reactions/comments at the Forum.

VAINGIRLS ten cover tribute to GIRLS' LOVE STORIES comics ... and MORE!

06/13/2015 |

Here's 2361-2380.

2361-2370 are all from Girls' Love Stories comics, one of the most popular girls' comics of the 1950's and '60's, with over 150 issues. I had already used many of them, starting way back with VG #4 (GLS #17) and I thought I had pretty well exhausted the TG possibilitiies. A few weeks ago I decided to go to Grand Comics Database and give them one (...)

Thanks so much

06/02/2015 |

After posting on the forum over at TG Comics, I couldn't have been more excited to receive messages from Femur and Lorna inviting me to join the wonderful artists here at TG Caps. So I've just posted all of my previous comics.  Please check them out here -- My Modified Covers and My Modified Panels.  I'd love to hear any feedback on the Forum.  Thanks again to Femur and (...)

LToons Update

05/26/2015 |

We've added 10 more LToon goodies (LT1071-1080) to the the Gallery's 'Modified Panels'. Thanks to all for your support, and for all the comments that you have and will post on the Forum.