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I would like to pay a free author/artist


#1 | Posted: 23 Sep 2012 15:32

I apologize for posting here, but I could find no way to start a new topic on the regular forum.

There is a story that I have enjoyed a great deal, Mask of Venus by Commotion22. How can I send her payment for all her work?

#2 | Posted: 25 Sep 2012 22:18

Please I see lots of people look at this thread but no one answers. Is it not possible for me to show my appreciation of the story financially?

Also how can I start a thread on the proper forum?
Amanda Hawkins


#3 | Posted: 26 Sep 2012 03:09


I don't know what the policy is about donations to the cause (of TGComics), but to find out you should send a message directly to femur, the owner and creator of both TGComics and TGCaps. You can do that by finding one of his messages in the forum (on either website), and then clicking on the small "letter" icon under his name (like the one under your name on your own messages).

You can start a threat on the TGComics forum the same way you started this thread; they're identical. If that's the way you want to go, I would suggest using "The Site" heading in the list on the right-hand side of the page.



#4 | Posted: 1 Oct 2012 07:50 | Edited by: commotion22

No need for monetary gratuities (I'm still too much of an amateur at this to feel comfortable asking for money for these! :) ). Excessive and grotesque slaverings of expressed appreciation are reward enough! :D
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