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TGC Forum Rules

Here's the list. Most of these things are common sense (which is sometimes hard to find around this place!).

1. Respect Others. It's pretty simple, but sometimes very hard to do, especially if the other person is spouting an opinion that is the antithesis of your own. As I've mentioned before, ad hominem arguments feel good while you're typing them, but they don't do a good job of refuting the point someone else is making. I realize people lose their temper from to time and will try to make allowances for that, but if you repeatedly can't control yourself and fly off the handle, please be aware that you risk being banned.

2. Don't Bait Others. There are a few cases on the forum where there are folks posting here who simply don't like each other. Humor is one thing, but repeated attempts to provoke a heated response by baiting another contributor will no longer be tolerated. If you feel that someone on the forum is a troll, the best thing to do is be silent. Ignore troll-like behavior. Starve troll-like behavior. Baiting other forum members will most likely get you banned.

3. It Takes Two to Fight. Things can escalate rather quickly on a forum thread. Who escalates a fight is sometimes a worse sin than who starts a fight. I know it's difficult, but try to turn the other cheek when you can in order to defuse a situation. And if you're one of those people who feels the need to aggressively, ruthlessly defend him or herself on every occasion, then perhaps this forum is not the place for you.

4. Talk Is Cheap. There are some extremely smart, extremely talented people who post on these forums. In some cases, because people who participate on these forums value their privacy, we'll never know exactly how smart and talented they are. The point is, if you can't take the time to write something to make your point in a thread, please don't say something along the lines of, “I could refute every stupid thing that's been said here, and do it brilliantly, but it would take me too long, so I'm not going to bother.” Also, please refrain from criticizing artists who have actually created finished comics by saying something like, “This 3D comic was okay, but I could produce much better work myself (except I don't have the time and/or inclination),” or, “I'm extraordinarily talented and in real life produce work that is light years beyond anything posted on this site, but, because I don't want anyone to know I visit sites like this, I can't show you any samples of my breathtakingly brilliant work.” If you break this rule, you probably won't get banned, but be aware that it makes you look rather foolish.

5. No Politics or Religion. These are fine subjects for discussion, but not on the TGC Forum. I've learned from experience that either of these subjects can get too heated way too quickly. The only exception to this rule is an occasional post regarding something political that is completely TG-related.

6. Tolerance For All. Any clearly bigoted statements will not be tolerated. Any member who makes broad, sweeping statements against a group (such as anti-gay statements) risks banishment.

7. Offer Constructive Criticism. If someone has created a comic that is a sci-fi sex romp, don't criticize it for failing to be a realistic treatment of crossdressers in the summer of 2010. When criticizing a work, try to stay somewhat within the boundaries of what the artist has set out to accomplish. It's fine to say that you wish the artist had been more ambitious, or tried something different from what they normally do. But please, please don't criticize someone for simply not creating the kind of story that you like.

8. Three Strikes and You're Out! Since everyone loses their temper at various times, we've implemented incremental banning for the TGC Forum. The first time a user is banned, it will be for a period of two weeks. After reinstatement, if they get banned a second time, it will be for a period of one month. The third ban will be permanent.

9. How to Make TGC a Better Site. Some people have called this site a cesspool. If that's the case, I'm not sure why you continue to visit. The point is, we're open to all kinds of TG Comics. Realistic struggles about crossdressers. Graphically sexual tales of TG wish-fulfillment. I have my own predilections when it comes to content, but the site is meant to be pretty wide-open. I do think most of the existing artists on the site will continue to do things along the lines of what they've been doing, but if you know someone whose work is great and you think belongs here, let us know (you can always send me an email (my email address is near the bottom of this page), send me a PM once the forum has been restored, or simply post a link on the forum). Please keep in mind that while we're open to comics along many different subject lines here at TGC -- they should have both a good story AND good art. While I realize we don't hit the mark every time, that's what we're striving for.

10. What is TGComics? It's another question that's been bandied about recently. The answer is, TGC is a work in progress. The site is pretty different than it was two years ago. It's even more different from the site it was five years ago. And it's probably very different from the site it will be five years from now. I myself enjoy sexually-explicit comics, and if we define porn as something (in this case a comic) that contains graphic sexual images designed to elicit arousal, then I think we've got a batch of comics on the site that qualify. In my own mind, one of the differences between "art" and "porn" is whether or not the sex acts depicted are intrinsic to the story-line (if they further the plot in some way). There are several comics on the site that have crossed this line, and the sex depicted in them is simply sex for sex's sake (not that I see anything intrinsically wrong with that!). So go ahead and classify TGC as porn, a fetish site, or anything else you'd like, but please understand that we welcome a variety of comics. I'd love the site to have enough breadth that nobody will like everything posted here (not that anybody does like everything now, but you get the idea!).

11. What Isn't TGComics? This site will never contain any comics depicting subjects such as pedophilia, necrophilia, extreme gore, death rape, bestiality or incest. BDSM depicted here will mostly be of an extremely mild variety (a personal predilection I impose since I'm rather squeamish about such things myself. If you want to read TG comics along those lines - Lustomic or Carmenica Diaz are good bets.) There probably won't be any TG with furry -- there are other sites for that (but I'm reluctant to say never regarding furry). TGComics is not about making positive depictions of TG characters to better the environment for transgendered people around the planet. This is an extremely noble goal, but, unfortunately, not the focus of this website. If you are indeed interested in making the world a more positive place for transgendered people, I'm pretty sure there are other sites around that are far better suited for accomplishing this task. And, if you don't see a site along the lines of what you're looking for, then maybe it's time you started thinking about creating such a website yourself. It's not too hard!

12. Why Can't We All Just Get Along? There's a book from the 1990s by the late Darrell Yates Rist called Heartlands: A Gay Man's Odyssey Across America. One of the things Yates Rist discusses in this book is how he went in search of the “gay community” across the country and discovered there really wasn't one. The gay men he encountered were far too diverse, and had more in common with their straight neighbors than other gay men. I think the same thing is true here. Everybody who visits this site has some sort of interest in things TG, so there may be a tendency to think we're all fairly like-minded. But TG is only one aspect of who we are, and, in many cases, the things that are different about us far outweigh this one thing we have in common. Try to keep that in mind as you interact with others. We're from different countries around the world, with different sets of interests, different senses of humor, and different values. Our TG interests may also be markedly different, even at odds with each other. One of the miracles of the internet is that it enables us all to interact on forums such as these, a place where people from around the globe can discuss a handful of comics (fetishy, porn, or whatever) that touch on transgendered subjects. Let's try to keep that in mind as we interact.


TGC Forum Guide

Users hierarchy

Viewing can be done by both by guest users and registered users. However, you need to be a registered user in order to post or view the images on the Forum.

  • Guest users. If you are lazy, or don't want to register for some reason, you can easily view the forum without registering. But having said that, you cannot post messages or view images posted to the forum if you are not a member.
  • Registered users. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND all users to register. whether you visit this forum often or not. Why? You can have your own identity. Edit your posted messages. Post pictures. See pictures. Create new topics. Create your own avatar. And you'll be a full-fledged member of a lively and interesting community.

User info is displayed on a separate page. Click on the word "member" beneath the registered user's name, and you'll get info about that user.

User's login

Users must have cookies enabled in their browser. Cookie passwords are saved in encrypted format. A user login form is located at the top right of every page on

User's registration (Sign Up)

To register, go the Premium Member Signup Page and fill in the form.

Necessary fields are:

  • EMAIL: Your email must be also unique (no two users can have the same email). Email is checked by simple regular expression for avoiding "stupid" emails. If you have problems registering your email, please report to admin. There are some "exotic" emails that can not be validated with this function (but it's a rare thing).
  • USERNAME: your username must be unique - if a user with the identical login already exists, you won't be able to register under that name. Login must contain only only A-Z letters, numbers, or an underscore "_". Spaces are no longer allowed (but may exist in older usernames that were created before this change)! You can pick a name with length from 4 to 16 symbols.
  • CHOOSE A PASSWORD: your password for must contain only A-Z letters, numbers, or an underscore "_" (no spaces!). You can create passwords from 4 to 16 symbols.
  • CONFIRM YOUR PASSWORD: this must be the same symbol combination as the "PASSWORD". This is just for checking - making sure you've entered your password correctly or not.

New topics and replies

The "New Topic" form is placed at the bottom of each topics listing page. You need to type the topic's title ("New Topic") and body ("Message"). If you don't fill in "Message", it will be identical to the topic's title. Guest users CANNOT create New Topics!

The "New Post" form is located at the bottom of each thread's page.

Anti-spam protection has been enabled, which mean you can make posts and topics ONLY ONCE in a defined period of time. That time is 1 minute. In other words, you can't make more than one post per minute.

Text breaks (newlines+carriage returns) are automatically converted to "physical" breaks.

Email notifications

Every registered user who makes a post can subscribe to it. Notifications are sent to user's email when someone replies to the topic. Registered users can also subscribe to notifications even if they are not topic authors. Users can also unsubscribe from notifications. For that, go to the desired topic and find the "Unsubscribe" link (instead of notifications checkbox) and just click on it.

Automatic links highlighting

If you are a registered user and are using links like (beginning with "http://", "https://", "ftp://", "www" or "mailto:"), they will automatically be converted to "real" links. If, however, you've checked the "Disable" box, links WILL NOT automatically be highlighted (see BB-codes below).

BB Codes

This forum does not use HTML in topics or posts. Posts contain only "BB-codes" - special HTML-code replacements, that "emulate" HTML code. Since HTML is not supported in our board, BB-codes are good alternatives when posting a new message or topic. The JavaScript text editor for Internet Explorer and Mozilla makes for easy creation of special coding.

Currently, the forum supports following codes:

  • [url=SOMEURL]SOMETEXT[/url] where SOMEURL is a URL like, and SOMETEXT is alternate text for the URL. DON'T USE QUOTATION MARKS OR APOSTROPHES INSIDE THIS TAG. In a post, these tags are replaced like the following: <a href='SOMEURL'>SOMETEXT</a>.
  • [imgs(left|right)][/img] where is the exact URL for an image file (.JPG or .GIF). Alternatively, you can use "left" and "right" tags (without trailing space!) followed exact after "imgs". They place an image left or right on the page, in the same way HTML does. Usually, only the [imgs] tag is used, but in systems like "forum news" you can also use left/right aligned. This tag is replaced with: <img src='' border='0' align='left OR right OR nothing' alt=''>. (Example: [imgsleft][/img]) Note: because of hack protection, you can include images only from http:// servers, also as with only extensions like .gif or .jpg. All posted images are shrunken to the width of 150 pixels, so they cannot break the look of the thread.
  • [b]Bold[/b] where "Bold" is the text you want to markup as in a "bold" style. Example: [b]Attention[/b] produces Attention.
  • [i]Italic[/i] where "Italic" is the text you want to markup as in an "italic" style. Example: [i]I apologize[/i] produces I apologize.
  • [u]Underlined[/u] where "Underlined" is the text you want to markup as in an "underlined" style. Example: [u]Don't write me an email[/u] produces Don't write me an email.

Note that the case of BB codes doesn't matter. You can type "[URL]" or "[uRL]" or whatever. Only opening and closing tags ([urL]...[/uRL]) are important, also tags CAN NOT CONTAIN SPACES!

It is not necessary to know exactly what you need to type for the corresponding (closing) tag. Each template message form contains JavaScript buttons that will insert these tags into your post.

Both guest and registered users can use BB-codes, but you can also DISABLE BB-code in your post, checking "Disable" flag. Usually this is not necessary, because BB-codes allow posts to be more organized and help create good-looking messages. But if you need to post something without BB-codes, it is possible. To avoid BB-codes, you can also put spaces inside them.

It is possible to combine tags with each other, i.e., to make "bold+italic" or "bold link". But be careful with opening and closing tags correctly. Example:

'This General Public License [b]does not permit[/b] incorporating your program into proprietary programs. If your program is a subroutine library, you may consider it more useful to permit linking proprietary applications with the library. If this is what you want to do, use the GNU Library General Public License instead of this License.

Return to [url=]GNU's home page[/url].

FSF & GNU inquiries & questions to gnu AT Other ways to [b][url=]contact the FSF[/url][/b].

Comments on these web pages to webmasters AT

[b][u]Copyright notice above[/u][/b].

[i]Free Software Foundation, Inc[/i]., [i][u]59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111, USA[/u][/i]'


'This General Public License does not permit incorporating your program into proprietary programs. If your program is a subroutine library, you may consider it more useful to permit linking proprietary applications with the library. If this is what you want to do, use the GNU Library General Public License instead of this License.

Return to GNUs home page.

FSF & GNU inquiries & questions to gnu AT Other ways to contact the FSF.

Comments on these web pages to webmasters AT

Copyright notice above.

Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111, USA'

If you need to post 100% "tagged" URL, it is better to do it with tags, since automatic replacements don't work in some cases. i.e., the following example will not work: [b][/b]. It is only "bolded", but not "highlighted". For bolding url links, use [url] tag.

Note: you can use tags also for multi-line text. Example:



(text contains two paragraphs) produces:



Quoting messages

Topic posters can quote other messages. There is no "quote" BB-code included, as on some bulletin boards. Instead of it, you can use "italic" style to separate quotes. For easy use, there is a "quote" link on every post made. To make a quote, select some text and press this link. The selected text automatically will be inserted into the reply box at the bottom of the page.

This feature is based on JavaScript code and works only in the newest versions of most browser. Older browsers users may experience some troubles with it.

Locking topics

Topic authors can lock their topics. In order to do this, the topic author needs to be logged in. At the bottom of the topic's page he must see small "lock topic" link. Clicking on it, topic becomes closed.

Nobody except topic author or an administrator can lock the topic. If topic was locked by admin, the topic author CANNOT unlock the topic.

Editing messages

Registered users (and only registered) can edit THEIR messages, but only if they are cookie-logged and only if the time of the message has not expired. For this, just click on "Edit" on each post (you will only see the message if it is your message, otherwise, you won't). When editing a message, "automatic highlights" are replaced with "real" BB-codes, so there is no need to delete them once again. Also, "real" HTML tags are replaced back to codes. Via editing, a user can add new BB-codes, links, etc. - as in any new post or topic. User can edit only his POST, not topic's title, even if he is the author of the topic. After a message is edited by user, info about that is displayed near each post.

There is no way to delete your message, if you are topic's author. Only the admin can do this.

In some cases, after administrator has edited user's message, for user, there is no way to edit it once again.

Editing preferences

For editing user preferences, you need to log in and go to the "preferences" on the top menu. You can make changes to your account, (except your login, that cannot be changed). If you don't want to change your password, leave the password field and go next to the fields you want to edit. You don't need to write your password once more, because are already logged in. When done, just press the submission button below.

This action works exactly like registration: you need to type grammatically correct data. Thus, you cannot change your email to the one of someone who already registered (incl. admin's email ;) ). Updating preferences, you don't need to enter password, if you don't want to change it. Just leave these fields blank.

Two exceptions:

  • Show email public?: this option allows (or not) other users to view your email in user info. It does not affect emailing notifications etc.
  • Sort topics by: this option switches sorting filter. On topics and last discussions pages, you can view topic names sorted by new topics or new posts. This is another pointwhy you should register: logging into the forums, you can quickly view what's new. This option is saved on all pages. Guest users will need to click on "sort" every time.

Changing user password

Login, go to the Edit Profile page. Type new password 2 times in "password"

Retrieving forgotten password

Go to the bottom of the Login Page and enter the email address you have registered with your TGC membership. Your password will be emailed to you.

Forums search panel

You can quickly search forums for keywords. The Search panel is placed under the "Search" link in menu. You can search text in topics and posts, in topics only, in poster names, in specified forums, by all words, any words or the whole phrase. Newest messages are shown first.

Search phrase length can't be more than 100 chars. Minimum length of any word is 3 symbols. The more search parameters you specify, the longer time and more specific content will be returned in the results.

Search within specified forums is also available. You can either search in all forums or choose a forum you want to search in.

The search algorithm tries to perform a search on a comprehended words. By fragment, we mean here a fragment of a whole word from the beginning. For example if you search for a word "fox", it will be found in the sentence "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.", also as the word "jump" will be found. But the word "foxy" will not be found, also as "row" won't be found. Searching by whole phrase, the script will find "fox jumps over", but won't find "fox dog" - use "Words or fragments" criteria for finding many words in the text at the same time.