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#1 | Posted: 27 Oct 2009 08:34 | Edited by: femur

If you're reading this message, you're at the new version of TGCaps. We're on new servers, so things wil (hopefully) be a little zippier.

The biggest change is to the TGCap Forum. It has been MERGED with the TGComics Forum. They're on different sites, but they're running off the same database. That means every member of the TGComics Forum is automatically a member of the TGCaps Forum.

I've moved all "modified" and "capped" related posts on the TGComics Forum to the TGCaps Forum. So if you're missing a post there, you can find it here.

I also reorganized the Forum Categories here a bit. Hope they make sense.

I've put in better navigation between the two sites (and more specifically, the two forums). You can go to the TGComics Forum from any page of the TGCaps Forum using the button on the upper right of the forum. And you can go to TGComics in general using the button on the far right of the menu bar on any page of TGCaps. TGComics will have these same navigation buttons to TGCaps (should be up later today).

Couple more things -- since the databases are combined, you will see the SAME private messages when you are on either site. You will see the same polls on either site. I've copied over all the avatars from TGComics, but you can have different avatars on the different sites if you so choose.

Also, if you had a separate password for the TGCaps Forum, you should now use your TGComics Forum password instead.

Finally, you do need to log in separately to each site (same username and password for both). No getting around that. All registration and password or email changes must be done on TGComics.

Hope that all makes sense. Post a message here if it doesn't, or if you have questions about anything.
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