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#1 | Posted: 23 May 2011 11:40

In the current Zatanna series, there had been some oblique hints (but possibly only detectable to those of us with highly developed TG-sense) that Zatanna's beautiful assistant Mikey used to be a man.

Issue #13 seems to verify the theory, though a bit subtly. In a "three years ago, in Paris" dream sequence, Mikey is a man, fitting the "burly stagehand" stereotype.

How and when and why he changed, exactly, is a story yet to be told.


#2 | Posted: 27 May 2011 14:10

This a confirmed truth, in one of the comics
Constantine is telling a guy who is trying to become Zatana's boyfriend about some of the things she has done and tells him that it started as a punishment but when she went to turn him back a few days later he begged her to stay a woman, seeing how happy she now was Zatanna left her as she was.

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#3 | Posted: 28 May 2011 09:41

That seems to be a different person, in the Zatanna: Everyday Magic one-shot, which I actually haven't read.

The details don't seem to link up well, though both stories were written by Paul Dini, though, who I guess is returning to the idea in slightly different form.


#4 | Posted: 29 May 2011 06:20

yes that is what I was refereeing to, sorry i may have gotten the relationship wrong, but still neat.

#5 | Posted: 5 Jun 2011 09:48

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