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Batman beyond :The return of Catwoman

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#1 | Posted: 6 Apr 2011 03:46

2043 deep in the dark city of Neo-Gotham
Every night brings a change that affects one thing or another. The citizens are walking around with cars flying over head without a care. Some of them know that the city that they live in is not the safest place on earth but it was home none the less. They knew all too well the evils which hide in the darkness. This evil takes many forms such as the Jokers, the Royal Flush Gang and more. Many get to run and give up but there are those who look in to the dark and see the Knight. He watches over them using the dark to fight them and they fear him. For so long he has kept the peace, he has done so much and only a few knows his true name. The name that so many people thinks of when they need help. When their lives are at risk, the name is Batman.

Standing on top of the Wayne tower, looking down on Neo-Gotham, with he's red symbol peering though the darkness of the night sky. A voice breaks the silent night. The voice of Bruce Wayne, the old batman informs Terry McGinnis, the new batman, about a tip.

"McGinnis stop whatever it is your doing and listen!"

As he responds to Bruce, he starts pacing back froth.

"You know Bruce, I'm not deaf. Please tell me that you have something for me to do. Three days, not a single thing!" Terry says

"You know, some would like that, McGinnis. Don't you have a date or something?"
After a deep sigh, Terry answers.

"I told you three times already, Dana left for a moth long cruse. This gives me some time to myself!"

"What about max? Or your other friends?" Bruce asks

"Max is off visiting her aunt. Look, I know you don't like small talk so just cut to the chases." Terry says

"I just got a tip that someone plans on stealing something from Wayne-Powers."

Terry steps to the edge to truly begin his night. Then after a deep breath, he jumps off. The rush from free falling gives Terry one off the biggest thrills of his life. With the suit, he is unable to feel the rushing wind against his skin. Sometimes, Terry thinks about jumping off the building with no suit. Just him and at just the last seconded he would save himself. He closes his eyes knowing full well he shouldn't and continues to fall. The sound of honking cars tells him it's time to fly. Then he triggers his jet boots and fly's off. Once he was sailing, he hears Bruce trying to talks.

"What was that Bruce?" Terry says still flying towards Wayne-Powers.

"How many times have I told you to stop doing that? One of these days you're going to kill yourself!"

Terry burst out laughing yet trying to keep his cool. Then he tells Bruce why he was laughing.

"I think you worry too much Bruce! I can handle anything that these thugs can throw."

"You're getting cocky, McGinnis. One of these days you're going to get yourself killed!"

Still laughing Terry says to Bruce, "Do you want to know what I think?"

"Do I ever?" Bruce says with a condescending tone

"You know what, Bruce, whatever. Tell you what after I finish tonight. I'll come by and tuck you in!"

Bruce says nothing but let out a grunt in frustration.

Flying over the city, Terry could see everything. His girlfriend's house. Even his own home. He sees his little brother standing in the window. Terry sees him and thinks of something. Then he fly's just low enough so his brother could see him. Waiting for the right moment, he passes the window. Completely surprise to see batman, Matt, his little brother starts waving and screaming "Batman! Batman!" After a couple more minutes, Terry sees the Wayne-Powers building.

"Well, this looks like a bust. Bruce are you sure about the info you got?"

Bruce back at the bat cave, starts typing on the computer to triple chick the tip he got. Back at Wayne-Powers, Terry was standing on the building next to it. After a few minutes, Bruce checks back with Terry.

"I got it right from the police database. One unnamed informant says he heard something about a break in."

Terry begins to say some but was cut off by a huge explosion at the base of the building.

"Finley! Something exciting for me to do!"

Terry Jumped off the roof and switched to stealth mode. He sneaks in the building and makes his way past the look outs.

"Come on and move that stuff be for the cops get here!" The head thug says to the six other guys running around. The six other guys were wearing just shirts but the head guy was wearing a brown leather jacket and his was also balding in some spots. From his angle, Terry couldn't see anything else about him. One of the other thugs's approached the head guy to ask him something.

"So what are we tacking boss? I just have to ask." The balding man turns to him and says with some attitude.
"Look, like I said before, we just have to take what we can before the Bat shows up!"

Batman spooked the thugs by switching off the stealth mode and jumping in-between the balding man and the thug.
"Well, let's hope whoever is paying you will get his money back!" Terry says in the dark tune as he always done since becoming Batman to keep from anyone knowing his true voice. Just another trick that Batman has employed to keep people from knowing who he truly is.

All at once the thugs rushed him. Hoping to get lucky but Batman is better trained and in this case, he is a lot smarter. Batman jumps over the first guy and hits him in the face with his knee and throws him to the ground. Landing on his feet, Batman takes the big guy down from behind. Trying to crush him, the big guy jumps in the air and tries to land on his back but Batman jump up and let him fall on his back but he got up quickly. After striking the big guy in the waste with his elbows, batman uses the wall to run up and land on the big guys back and punch him in the face, taking him out of the game. Two more thugs show up after hearing the noise and pull out there guns. After entering, all they see is the back of the big guy with no sigh of batman. Then the big guy falls back reveling batman just standing there. The two thugs raise their guns and tried to fire. Before they knew it, batman had already thrown the Batarangs and knocked out the guns out of their hands. Then using his rocket boots for speed, got over to them and knocks them out with one drop kick. Then he raises hand and scratches his head and he asked himself, "Now, wasn't there more of them?"

Walking slowly behind Batman was the balding man. He was very careful not to make a sound with the heavy pipe he was caring. Now, he was at the moment of truth, Batman had no clue as to what he was about to do. The heavy pipe was over Batman's head. The balding man was ready to say something but he was interrupted by a sound of a crunch. The sound came from Batman punching the balding man over his shoulder.

"And that's all!" Terry was about to say more but Bruce cut him off.

"Don't you think you were a little too flashy?" Terry replies, "Hey, it's been a couple of days since I hit someone and I needed it!"
Bruce says back, "Well, if you weren't showing off, you would've notice the hole you came through."?

Terry turned and sees what Bruce was talking about," Shouldn't the debris be on the inside, not the outside?"

It didn't take long before Terry finger it out.

"They were already inside when the explosion came from in here."

"Which means that they blow out a wall to get someone there?"

Then Terry thinks about what the balding man had said," Like I said before, we just have to take what we can before the bat shows!"

"Me!" Terry said while looking at the unconscious men. "They wanted me here. Of cores! I don't think them losing the fight was part of their big plan."

Then, with little warning, a small missile went off right in front of Terry, sending him flying back. He hits the back wall so hard the he almost goes through it. Terry tries to get up but he is hit by some sort of energy weapon. All Terry could hear was the sound of static. The last thing he sees was a dark hooded man standing over him.

"So Batman, how did you like the decoys? Asks the hooded man

Terry couldn't help passing out from his injuries and all Bruce could do was call out to Terry.

"McGinnis..." Bruce cries out with response

"McGinnis..." Again, he cries out and again with no response.

"TERRY!!!!" Bruce screams as there was nothing but silence from Terry

The sound of a closing door and the rush of air wakes Terry from his near dead state. It took a minute for the grunginess to where off. Then, Terry sees that his captures have taken his suit. He was tide face down on an operators table. His head movement was limited but he was able to look around the white, clean room he was in. He starts to panic, when he thought about his face. "Did they take my mask?" He thought. He tried to move but his hands and feet were tied to the table. He stopped straggling when he realized that he wasn't going anywhere.

A strange sound catches Terry's attention. It sounded like someone trying to breath but was unable to. Terry was able to see a small finger in the darkness, beyond the glass wall that made up the room he was in.

"You look... (Stopped to breath) good Batman. Expressly (stopped to breath) for someone that should be over 80!"

Terry could hear the sound of wheels getting closer to him. Then Terry could see a very old man that looked, very sick. The old man had tubes all over his withered body. The old man was close enough that Terry could see that his left eye was dead, no life at all.

"You don't remember me (breath) do you Batman? Like I had explained to my good friend here." The old man then motions to the hooded man that attacked Terry before. The hooded man was just standing next to the old man. With the way he had his hood Terry could only see his mouth.

"Well? Said the old man, "I would say (breath) you could be at least in your early 20's."

"What do you think Anthony? Asked the old man

A smile cracked on Anthony, the hooded man's face.

"Looks about right doctor, but he fights like a man."

Terry then realized that he could still feel his mask. They had removed his su


#2 | Posted: 6 Apr 2011 10:40

Needs proofreading.


#3 | Posted: 6 Apr 2011 16:08

Think Dread found the character limit wall too... "The removed his su..." <splat>

#4 | Posted: 6 Apr 2011 18:02

Terry then realized that he could still feel his mask. They had removed his suit but they left his mask on. They had him at their will and they didn't care about his identity.

The old man took a deep inhale with his oxygen mask. Terry knew that the old man was about explain, what was going on.

"Are you wondering why (breath) we left you the mask? I know full well that you are not the old bat (breath) man. My grief is with the (breath) one before you."

"He is the one that ruin my work, (breath) my life. With you still wearing the mask which is close (breath) enough to the old Batman's mask that I can still enjoy this."

"My name is Dr. Emile Dorian and a long time ago (breath) Batmen ruin my experiment and had me thrown in jail for the better part of my life.

Terry then remembers reading something like this. Years ago Dr. Emile Dorian had kidnapped Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. He transformed her into a half human and half cat monster. At the end the creature known as Tygrus rises over his father and destroys the lab. There are no reports of Tygrus after that night. That's what Bruce had told him when Terry had to go over all of his old cases. After serving a long sentence Dr. Emile Dorian vanish without a trace many years ago. Bruce had kept an eye out for the doctor but for years there was nothing but he now knew what had happen to Dorian and the years unlike Bruce wasn't kind to him.

I thought long and hard about what I would do to you if I had a chance like this. Now that it is here (breath) my plain can begin.

As Dr. Emile Dorian says this Anthony walked to the glass door and headed in. in his hand was a needle with something in it. Terry saw that this man was going to shoot him with it. He tried to get free but he was still going nowhere. He kept trying until he herded something break. Then he felt it. He had broken is left arm trying to get free. Anthony saw what he had done and started laughing.

Maybe we should have told you that we gave you something while you slept. It has made your bones just a little bite softer. Don't worry kid I will take care of that later but first.

Anthony then gave Terry the shot. Its don sir' Anthony says standing back up.

Dorian pulls up closer to the wall to get a better look. A joyful look then appears on his face.

This (breath) in going to be fun. Don't worry about being intruded by someone we jammed all singles back when we gabbed you.

Terry now knew to truly start paining. He was already feeling something.

Oh good help me.

Anthony turns down the tempsher of the room. But Terry could still feel his body heating up. Terry screams out in pain. Bones were braking and muscles were moving. Anthony just stood there and watched Terry's spine rising up. Terry lets out one big scream as the bottom of his spine brakes though the skin. Now free the naked spine starts growing with both lath and skin. Quickly the still growing spine shows it's self to be a tail. Fling around the tail breaks all the glass villas on the table next to Terry. Anthony could see Terry's bones shifting under his skin. Terry could feel the bone shifting himself and it was the most painful thing he has ever been through. His screams stopped then because it was becoming too hard for him to make any sound. His throat was now shifting and changeling into something else. Sweat was gushing out of Terry. Anthony walked over to Terry to take of his mask. The hair on Terry's head was growing and covering his now changing face. Scratching the table was Terry new claws. Claws that were still tarring there way out of his hands and feet .One of the most painful changes was the one in Terry's panic bone and crouch both of which he was unable to see. Then Terry's chest started getting more and more tight.

Anthony with his left hand moves some of Terry's rapidly growing hair out of his face. Anthony then looks deep into Terry half changed face. The right side of his face was somewhat normal but the left half had a still growing feline mussel. The left eye was still normal but the right eye was now a cat's eye.

I think you have suffered enough Batmen. Now it's time to sleep.

Then Anthony sprays a gas in Terry face rendering him unconscious.

When Terry awakes he will find that his nightmare has just begun.

#5 | Posted: 15 Apr 2011 16:52

Day's after, Bruce barges into Commissioner Barbara Gordon's office, the former Batgirl. She could see the officer standing outside the office door, had a broken arm.

The secretary was trying to hold back Bruce but all for not. He was an old man now but he was very strong and determined to talk to Barbara.

"Well Bruce, I see you haven't lost your touch."

"I'm sorry Miss Gordon he rushed us and..." Barbara cut her off, "Just shut the door!" Bruce sits down at Barbara desk. Barbara Keeps her straight face until the door is closed and she gives Bruce a look that says, "why the hell you here?"

"I need your help Barbara. Terry never came back. He was at Wayne-Powers two nights ago and something happen."

"Have you heard anything from him, Bruce?" Barbara asked

"I have taught him well enough to take care of himself but something like this has never happen before. Whoever is behind this has thought of every angle! I can't find any type of signal from the suit."

Barbara listens as Bruce explains what he had learned since Terry has been missing.
"Didn't I tell you something like this would happen if he keeps malting in our affairs? Now look what's happen! You got a kid that had no right, most likely killed in your name!"

With that said Barbara saw something she hadn't seen in years. Bruce was feeling bad about what happen to Terry but now Barbara could see Bruce, Bruce was crying. Bruce would never show what he was feeling but even with his straight face, a tear fell down his check. Desperate to comfort Bruce, Barbara walks over around the desk to him.

She places her hand on his back,"I promise to help the best way I can but there are some things I can't do because of the law."

"Some laws were made to be broken, Barbara. You take care of the law and I will do the rest."

"Still giving out orders like before, when we were on the same team."

"We're still on the same team, Barbara!" Bruce said," And always has been!"

"Fine I'll do my best from my end but you have to do something for me." Barbara said

"What?" Bruce said with a smile, not sure what she's going to say.

"Take it easy on yourself. You're no good to any one dead."

Bruce simply said fine. Things were not going so well for Terry, as he awoke in his nightmare.

Far across the city, underneath an old broken building, lays some sort of zoo. It was like a rain forest with trees, plants, and even a river and a water fall. From the inside, you couldn't tell that you were inside a cage. It seems to go on for miles. But it was obvious from the outside. Waking up to the sound of birds flying over, was Terry, very groggy and sore and confused as to why he was outside instead of his bed. Terry had to think hard about the last thing that happened. He soon remembers what had happened. He bolts up like a spring.

"Oh god!" Terry thought to himself as he raised his hands to his face.

They weren't paws or hands but both. His nails were so sharp that he was cutting himself a little bit as he robed his hands together.

Terry placed his hands over his face to get a feel. The first thing that stood out was his mussel. It was absolutely feline and more immortally not human. Terry was trying to stand up when a passing bird caught his attention. Terry turns to look at it. The bird was so fast and far away. To a normal person all they could see was a tiny blur but with his new eyes, all he had to do was focuses on it then the blur became the full blown bird.

It was as if the bird was inches from his face. This scared Terry, causing him to lose balance and he fell right on his tail.

"Ouch! My tail!" Terry thought to himself

"Wait..." Terry thought to himself, "I have a tail?"

It was as long as he was. It moved to his will. As he stood back up he noised that he was just a little shorter than before. Terry then bends over to look at his feet.

"Wow, I'm flexible!" Terry thought

As he pulled himself back up something caught his eye. Actually, it was what didn't catch his attention.

"It's gone!!" He said out loud. Then he ran his hand though his coach. But what really freaked him was when his hand ran over his chest.

"No! Oh please no!" He thought to himself

Terry could smell water close by. So he ran to find it. A pond, connected to the river; He slouches over it to look at himself. He had to brush the long, dirty, blondish hair out of the way but it was obvious that Dr. Emile Dorian, had not only made him into a cat monster, but a female cat monster!

He stood back up and was scanning his new body.

"This can't be real!" That thought kept running over and over in his mind. He had a perfect hourglass waste. His breasts were just slightly bigger then Dana's. Then Terry stops checking his body and starts looking for a way out of this hell.

The sound of laughter told him that he was being watched. Terry tries to speak but all that came out were cat roars. That's was all the sound he could make. Terry's new special cat hearing caught a new sound. He looks up and sees an elevator was coming out of the sealing. He panics and jumps into a bush next to a big tree. He was trained not to panic in situations like this, but how could anyone possibly see this coming.

"When they come out to look for me, that's when I will strike!" Terry thought

The elevator was clear, so Terry could see Anthony and Dr. Emile Dorian.

"I can take them!" Terry thought.

As the door opened, Terry ran for the door. Terry's new body forced him to run on all fours. He didn't mind as long as he got there. He was within five feet of the door and ready to take them. Then he was stopped by an unseen force that sent him flying back.

"Now kitty..." said Anthony stepping out of the elevator," We don't want you to hurt yourself. We just got started with you!" Terry tries again to approach the elevator but this time he took it slow. He found the spot where he was thrown back and discovered a force field.

"Now, are you going to behave or will I have to be rough with the little lady?"

Terry starts giving Anthony an evil look.

"To answer your question Batman..." Dr. Emile Dorian said still inside the elevator," what we have done to your body is real (breath) and now you will replace my experiment that was lost (breath) to me so long ago." Terry then gave a big lion's roar out of anger. But that just made the doctor smile.

"That was beautiful (breath) just wonderful. I had thought about the (breath) possibility that you wouldn't be able to speak. I promise (breath) we will work on that."

Terry had hard enough and began to walk back.

"Not so fast!" says Anthony raising his left arm reviling a keypad on it.

At this point, Terry was about to jump to a tree. Terry was surprised at how easily it was for him to jump into the tree. As Terry landed on the branch, Anthony hits some keys on the pad which sent a shock though Terry's body.

Terry fell out of tree and landed on his back. With an angry voice, Dr. Emile Dorian started yelling at Anthony for his carelessness.

"Be careful (breath) with her! She is my life's work! Anthony turns to the doctor to reassure him that he knows what he is doing. But he was interrupted by the sound of moaning coming from the Terry as he came to.
"You see Dorian; I know what I'm doing." Then he turns back to the doctor. "You should go and rest. We are about to start the training."

Terry hears this and slowly starts getting back to his feet. Now, Terry was facing the one called Anthony. Anthony hits his keypad and sends the doctor to the lab above. As the elevator starts to disappear, Anthony turns back to Terry. From the top, the doctor says,

"Have fun!"

When he was gone, Anthony and Terry were all alone. Knowing he couldn't speak, Terry simply lets out a high growl of anger.

"Now are we going to play nice or (reaching for the keypad) do I have to hurt you again?"

Terry stops the growling but counted to give Anthony a bad look.

"I guess that's better. Now that we have conformed who the boss we can get started."

At the sound of that, Terry knew that whatever happens next, he needed to stay strong. He would have to use everything that he has learned in order to survive.

"No matter what happens next, I will not let you win!" Terry thought to himself.

The room goes quiet as we leave them in the habitat. Months' later, flying over Neo-Gotham was not Batman but Warhawk, a member of Justice League filling in. That night, he was covering a string a brake inns'.

"HQ this is Warhawk come in."

"This is Aqua girl! Warhawk what do you need?"

"Yeah Aqua girl, I'm hanging around that DNA place you guys told me to guard."

"And has anything happen yet?"

"This is boring! What makes you thinks that the thief will hit this place next?"

"Well Warhawk, the thief has broken into some computer companies and some DNA companies. The building before you is one of the last ones left. So, just wait and something will happen."

"All right but you better pray I hit someone soon! I'm going nuts up here!"

Unknown to Warhawk, he was being watched by a pair of dark blue eyes, hiding in the dark on top of the building. Sure that warhawk wasn't looking, the thief steps out of the dark reviling himself as Terry as the catwoman. Terry's main had grown so much that it looked like a small cape flowing in the wind. She was also wearing a utility belt but more simple in style then her old one. Stepping out to the edge, Terry looks at Warhawk long and hard. Jumping off the edge Terry lets out, of all things, a giggle.

#6 | Posted: 1 May 2011 21:57

Falling out of the sky was the new Catwoman, greatly enjoying her new body. The rush from free falling gives Terry one off the biggest thrill of her life. With no suit, Terry could feel the wind ageist her fur. Still falling down the side of the building, Terry moved just right so she could get close enough to the wall to use her claws to slow herself down.

She grabbed the vent she would use to enter. She hugged the wall and seemed to vanish. Warhawk with his head turned the other way, fly's right by her.

When Terry was sure that he didn't see her, she reaches in her belt and pulled out a small vile. Using her left hand to hold on to the wall, she uses the vile to open the vent by spreading the content on the top of the vent.

Within seconds, it burned though allowing Terry access. The vent was very small for most men but Terry wasn't a man right now. As she made her way in, she used her tail to close the vent.

"Now that's my good girl!" said Anthony in her ear peace. "Now make your way to the lab and retrieve what I asked!"

Terry said nothing and went on.

Back in the habitat months earlier, Anthony was about to start Terry's training. Anthony looks around for somewhere to sit before he starts.

Terry kept on looking for an opportunity to get out but Anthony would not look away and when Terry moved in any way that seemed bad to him, he would raise his hand over the keypad on his arm. He wouldn't hit anything but Terry was too afraid to test him.

"It's good to see that the caller works so well!" Anthony said as he sat down on a stomp.

Terry realized what he just said. He placed his hand at his neck and felt some sort of metal caller. He was so distracted by what was going on, he didn't notice that he was wearing a type of shock caller. This new discovery made him that more angry. There wasn't much he could do though. So, all he did was let out some mean growls.

"Now my girl..." said Anthony with a smile. "This will a go pain free if you will be my good kitty." he said in a calm voice. "Now are you going to be my good Kitty?"

Terry let out a very loud growl in response to that remark

Terry turns and started walking away

"This is not a good way to start a good relationship with me!" Says Anthony

"Well, if you keep on walking, you can forget about lunch."

Terry stops cold because he just now notices how hungry he really was. Maybe it was this transformation that made him so hungry. Then Terry notices that he could smell something he liked. Terry knew that it was coming from Anthony but he didn't want to turn around and face him. He knew that's what he wanted.

"I know that you can smell this, my sweet!" He says while holding what looked like a small tray of something.

"Before we begin, I want you healthy and full of energy. Now get over here before..." he cut himself off and says something different instead, "Well, you can just eat I guess.

Terry was trapped and he knew it. That at this point, he really didn't have much of a chose. Terry slowly turned and headed back to Anthony. Terry made sure not to make eye contact so Anthony wouldn't see his face. When Terry made it back, he sat in front of Anthony because he knew that's what he wanted. Anthony says, "Now, was that so hard?" Then he placed the tray on the ground in front of Terry then motioned him that he could eat.

Terry looked down and saw roosted ham, still steaming. Terry was too hungry to ask himself where Anthony was keeping it. He was too focused on the food. Terry reached for the tray and pulled it to him, all the while staring at Anthony. For some reason unknown to Terry, he sifted the food first before taking a bite. With his hand/paw, Terry tore off a piece of the ham and started to nibble on it.

Terry kept his eyes on the bite of ham in his hand instead of looking up at Anthony. He just knew that's what he wanted. Anthony started laughing,"Well (chuff) it's good to see that you like the ham. You know I made that myself but I'm sure you don't care about that. So, let's get started, shall we? My name if you had not already guessed is Anthony. What I do for a living is anything you want it to be; talking, feeding, as long as its fun for me. Money is of no concern to me. For now, I am here to train you."

Terry stopped eating and looked up at Anthony

"Train me?" Terry thought to himself. What do they want from me? Whatever it is, I'm not going to make this easy for them.

"Now, finish the ham when you're done, you will come with me to the lab for a checkup. If you resist, then you face your punishment."

Then it hit Terry, Anthony was going to take him out of this Habitat. All he had to do was wait and Anthony would lead him to the exit. So, Terry made himself cozier and started to finish the ham.

The whole time Anthony was just sitting their... staring. Terry could tell that he was thinking about something, he didn't know what but he knew it was about him and it wasn't good. A couple of minutes later, just after Terry finished, the ham, Anthony stood up and looked up at were the elevator comes down. As he reaches for the keypad on his arm, Terry fleches out of fear of the pain he didn't get as to why he did that.

"Don't be so jumpy my dear!" Anthony says with a little smile." You will get the punishment only when you're a bad kitty." He says with a little chuckle at the end.

That made Terry very mad. Not the flinching thing, he was more than a little confused by that. With all the training the he had and the fact that he has been through worse than little shocks. He was both mad and afraid about how much it hurt him. Whatever was happing to him would have to wait until he got out of this place. It was hard for him with his new body and all but he tried to walk on two legs. After a little struggle, he got how his new body moves, the way the new muscles worked. The opening elevator startled Terry. And to make Terry more frustrated about the fact he keeps flinching at every little thing, Anthony saw him flinch.

"You're so tense, my dear!"He says calmly looking at Terry, who was standing next to him.

As the elevator settled Anthony stepped in. Terry trying to be a "good girl", followed in; the elevator door closed and then headed up. The whole time Terry had his head down.

"I know you hate us for what we have done to you..." he continued, "But maybe someday soon you will like this new body. Learn to use its tricks.

This whole time, Terry was thinking how he was going to take this guy. Should it be quick? Or for everything he has put him thought should he drag it on as long as he could? His train of thought was intruded by the doors opening. Terry was surprised by what he saw. He was excepting a low grade operation, but he should have thought about the habitat and how well it was. There were the latest computers and lots of doctors and lots of monitors. All of which was showing the habitat. The room looked better then the batcave Terry thought.

"Look at all this my dear!" Anthony says out load to get the other doctors attention. All these good doctors are here just for you.

As they walked through the room, Terry couldn't help but feel embarrassed because he just now realized that he was walking thought a lab filled with male's doctors... naked. So, as he walked along on all fours so they couldn't see his lady parts. Finally, they came to a small part of the lab. Anthony told Terry to sit in a chair that was next to some computers and some more doctors. So, Terry stood up on his hind legs and then sat down in the chair. As he sat there, he saw straps that were meant to restrain him there.

"Now the doctors will examine you for "flaws" so to speak. Just continue the good behavior and you shall be given a reward!" Anthony said

Out of the corner of his eye, Terry saw a door opening. Now was his chance. He had to time it right but he could make it. It was only 20 feet and he just had a few seconds but Terry knew he could make it. One of the doctors was placing a small sensor on Terry's chest right above his heart. While the other one was tying the straps down.

"Ok" Terry thought to himself, "Now!"

Then, like lightning, Terry shot up over the doctor and through the door. Anthony was not fast enough to stop him. Terry at this point could smell the outside air. Terry was half way there, when he stopped. No one grabbed him but he just stopped and fell to the floor. He landed on his side roughly almost breaking his hand, I mean paw. Terry saw that the door was still open. He was still determined to get out of there. Using his all strength, Terry started pulling himself up. But as he went on, Terry kept losing more and more feeling until he lost everything. He was now just lying on the floor... lifeless. He was fully awake but he couldn't move anything. The feeling of failure washed over Terry as he watch the door closed. Then, Terry heard the sound boots closing in on him. Terry saw Anthony standing over him.

"To bad..." Anthony says in a disappointed tone, "You were being such a good kitty. I was going to give you a reward. You would have liked it. But with this behavior, after the tests, you will receive the punishment and trust me neither one of us will not like it!!"

Then two doctors stood beside Terry, reached down and brought him up. They dragged him to the chair and strapped him in. With his body paralyzed, his head just rested on his shoulder. Terry was helpless! They could do anything with him and there was nothing he could do about it. Once again, Terry heard Anthony's big brown boots. Anthony was standing before Terry, holding a stool. He then placed the stool on the ground and sat down. As he did, a pair of old dog tags fell out of his shirt. Terry couldn't read what it said except one word, "Reaper."

"I made it myself." He says while he stuffed the dog tags back in his shirt. "You see that caller on your neck has many attachments. One of which shots you with a little something when you get to far from me. Don't worry..." Anthony leaned forward and moved Terry's head to face him. "It will only last ten minutes

#7 | Posted: 1 May 2011 21:58

so..." Now he was talking to the doctors," Now let's get started with her tests."

Four minutes went by. Four minutes of blood tests, skin, and reflexes. The whole time Anthony was sitting there staring at Terry's body with his hand at his chin. He was thinking about something. Then one of the doctors approached Anthony and says something in his ear. Anthony nodded his head and the doctor went off. He went back to Terry and started talking to him.

"Before we send you back to the habitat, I thought we should tell you the name we got for you."

"What are you talking about?" Terry thought to himself, "My name is Terry."

Anthony reached over with something very small and metal in his hand. After Terry heard a click, Anthony pulled back and gave a little laugh. Terry couldn't see it and Anthony saw that he wanted to see it. After clearing his throat, Anthony went back to his calm tone.

"Last night, the doctor and I were disclosing what to call you while you are here." Terry was puzzled by that," while you were here? What did Anthony mean by that?" Then Terry started getting drossy. Most likely from something they gave him. Everything was getting dark. He tried to stay awake.

"Would you like to know what it is?" Anthony asks while brushing some hair out of terry's face. "The doctor came up with it and I have to say after looking at you..." he paused for a second, "I like it too, Selene."

That was the last thing Terry heard before completely passing out. The name that will completely take his life out from under him, the life he has worked so hard to make his own. He was no longer Terry, in their eyes, in their world, the one that Terry had been forced to join, he was Selene!


#8 | Posted: 2 May 2011 01:56

A couple things:
I'm not to bothered by the spelling/grammar errors, so I won't address those.

While your doing a flashback i hope this isn't a "break the Cutie" story, he's the Goddamn Batman and even turned into a girl he should still be the Goddamn Batman, to many TG stories turn Batman into a giddy school girl, if anyone would maintain their personality it's the Goddamn Batman.
Secondly Catwoman is suppose to be batman's love interest, there's a reason the trope is called "dating catwoman" so by turning Batman into Catwoman you loose something. Honestly if you needed to make a mercenary catwoman it would be easier to use Diane then to do a TG


#9 | Posted: 2 May 2011 02:25 | Edited by: tristra

I have to agree with Nekollx.
Not necessarily for the same reason though, batman is known for his strong will and enginewity, and incorruptible determination.
This is a ordinary man with mid grade tech for a Supers world like DC who can stand toe to toe with Superman, A guy with the power to stop the planet if he wants.

Yes this is beyond and there is a new batman, he's inexperienced but Bruce Wayne did not pick him because he found out his secret, he picked him because he saw in a new generation the chance to create a new kind of batman without all the burden of his vendetta, but with just as much determination and will.

If batman was breakable he would not be batman. If he gets his mind taken over he finds a way to shrug it off if he is being changed he turns it to his advantage, He never gives up, he never stops, and so even if he looses a battle he never looses the war.
that's what makes batman batman.

The irony of this Is I really don't care much for batman, however Terry is a interesting take, Kinda a mix of batman and blue Beattle


#10 | Posted: 2 May 2011 03:30 | Edited by: Angela999

It was revealed that Bruce did not choose Terry because Terry found out his secret. Bruce had interfered with Terry's DNA when he was still a young child. His DNA was mostly overwritten with Bruce's making Terry almost a clone of Bruce. Of course when Terry found out he was less than pleased. Bruce's reason was he did not trust nature to make someone like himself who could be The Batman so he decided to be proactive and direct who his successor would be.
So I agree with Nekollx and Tristra that his mind would not be easily dominated. I would hope that his portrayal so far of a whipped slave is merely a cover until he can get the upper hand and neutralize whatever is keeping his free will in check.


#11 | Posted: 2 May 2011 03:49

my big thing is.
at first the controller seems to be controlling an implant or something as even when she looked in the water there was no mention of anything around her neck and a high tech metal collar would defiantly stand out,

Terry is not exactly the ace detective Bruce is but that screams control device and there should be some dialog of her analyzing it and coming to some reason she can't just cut it off with her claws if there so sharp,

and the segment that is apparently after the fact, is really out of place it serves no purpose in this part of the story seeing her break into a place to steal stuff.


#12 | Posted: 2 May 2011 11:21

and the segment that is apparently after the fact, is really out of place it serves no purpose in this part of the story seeing her break into a place to steal stuff.

It's call in Media Reis, going by the scene Anthony is still talking to her via the ear com, and it seems via extrapolation that Senene is stealing chemicals probably so Dr. Darius can expand his plans. The real question will be "will Terry break" as that will determine if he is just playing anong until he can get the spy out of his ear or if Selene has subsumed his personality, (which could work if written well but it would only be temporary, see Matches Malone and Batman The Brave and The Bold)

It was revealed that Bruce did not choose Terry because Terry found out his secret. Bruce had interfered with Terry's DNA when he was still a young child. His DNA was mostly overwritten with Bruce's making Terry almost a clone of Bruce. Of course when Terry found out he was less than pleased. Bruce's reason was he did not trust nature to make someone like himself who could be The Batman so he decided to be proactive and direct who his successor would be.
So I agree with Nekollx and Tristra that his mind would not be easily dominated. I would hope that his portrayal so far of a whipped slave is merely a cover until he can get the upper hand and neutralize whatever is keeping his free will in check

Actually it was Amanda Waller who did that "the worlds needs a batman" she even try to use a new Phantasm to stage the murder of Terry's parents, but the Phantasm couldn't do it. Bruce of course found out and started keeping a eye on Terry, but Bruce never really orestrated it, though it does explain why he cares for Terry so, Terry is his biological son.


#13 | Posted: 2 May 2011 11:25

my big thing is.
at first the controller seems to be controlling an implant or something as even when she looked in the water there was no mention of anything around her neck and a high tech metal collar would defiantly stand out,

Terry is not exactly the ace detective Bruce is but that screams control device and there should be some dialog of her analyzing it and coming to some reason she can't just cut it off with her claws if there so sharp,

Personally if was writing this I'd have it all be part of some drug that is messing with Terry's head, to make him more vunerable. "There was no collar" "no wait there is" that's really the best way to (temporarily) break Batman, by making his entire perception of reality unstable.

i wonder if i should jsut make a new thread and postulate how i would do it, because there a lot of little details i'd involve, The Splicers, the return of Catwoman kyle because she already dealth with Dorian in this way, and of course Damian Wayne, the AU Son of Batman who wound up as Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman.


#14 | Posted: 13 May 2011 19:47

I think we may have scared him off with our C&C.
We did not mean to do that and we like the idea of the story.

We were only wanting to ground the background of the character in the known characters, to further this end when dealing with known characters I advise do some research.

I've done a little related to this character and transformations in the series. (I had some time so I watched all the episodes while doing other things.)

if you have the time check out these episodes.
Season 1

EP 10 - Spellbound
Mainly for the take in how a character can be manipulated unaware and how they react.
Awareness makes a big difference. and you see both unaware and aware moments in this episode.

Season 2

EP 1 - Splicers
Very close to the heart of what your trying to do in your story but without the need to bring back characters from the other batman series.

EP 10 - Mind games
this one shows how Terry is getting used to weird things and how he is taking seeing a little girl that is not actually there.
Season 3

EP 10-11 Curse of the kobra
Mainly 11 the plot is a bit of crap in this one but it introduces a number of transformational options, mainly having to do with Dinomen but that does not mean you can't take the base villains and change there goals a bit, or create a different cult with similar resources and have them strike at the new dark knight.

the one with the most potential is Splicers from season 2 but the others bring in more of Terry's personality, and if you want a TG kick I think it's been mentioned before but look at season 3 EP 5 "Out of the Past"

#15 | Posted: 13 May 2011 20:36

I sorry for that late posts I have been very busy with things around here. I will post the next part in the next few days.

I'm also sorry about the gramer thing it's hard some times for me but I'm working on it and about the coments, I hope as you continue reading the story you will like it and I am a big fan of Batman. That's one of the reasons why I'm writing this story.
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