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Jezzi Stewart


#1 | Posted: 4 Feb 2012 13:05 | Edited by: Jezzi Stewart

From the last sixty covers, I've gotten nine comments; seven were from the same person, and one was mine saying thanks. Thankfully, I do the covers mostly for myself as a form of therapy, but I have to think that either people are just not liking my work or that most don't even go to the site itself, where I've been posting. I'm hopeful it's the latter. Sooo, I've decide to start posting my covers here, by 5's first; then when I have 20 or 30, I'll transfer them over to the site. Here's 1501 - 1505.

1501 - Beauty Boyz

Originals: Photos from Maritess Concepcion's "Hair and Accessories" websites. Thanks again Maritess.

This one is dedicated to all those TGfiction boys who've been feminized against their wills (at first) by a mom or a sister or an aunt or a girlfriend because those thought they were "Too pretty to be boys". May you keep being written! :-)

1502 - Fooled, Feminized, Fed Up!

Original: A Moon, A Girl ... Romance comics, #10

After learning what men are like from a feminine perspective, he decides they are scum and he'd rather be she.

1503 - Turned Around for the Better! /great_help.jpg.php

Original: Another from Lorna, Thanks, sis. LTO98, follow the link.

I may do more with Sam the Sorority Sweetheart and Q T Pi sorority.

1504 - Bear or bride?

Original: A Moon, A Girl ... Romance comics, #9

This one was inspired by the character of May Bailey (Shirley Douglas), the domineering grandmother in the Canadian television series "Wind at My Back". It's set in a small Canadian town in 1932, and is currently running on the BYU network and several others. I HIGHLY recommend it. I've included a Wikilink.

1505 - Torn

Original: Falling in Love comics, #15

When a boy is pressured into becoming a girl, even if "she" comes to like it, it may take awhile for the boy to fade away, and that most likely will be a turbulent time.
Beauty Boyz
Beauty Boyz
Fooled, Feminized, Fed Up!
Fooled, Feminized, Fed Up!
Turned Around for the Better!
Turned Around for the Better!
Bear or Bride?
Bear or Bride?
Maria Ski


#2 | Posted: 4 Feb 2012 15:53

More great work Jezzi.
I have to say I like 1503 : Turned around for the Better and 1505 : Torn.

1503 bought a smile to my face. And brightend a boring day.
1505 has me wondering 'What is the secret shame?'
Jezzi Stewart


#3 | Posted: 5 Feb 2012 01:44

Thanks, Maria.

There wasn't much of Don left, but HE was ashamed of actually wanting to be a gurl; of course the good majority that was now Donna wasn't.
Amanda Hawkins


#4 | Posted: 5 Feb 2012 03:44

Great set, Jezzi. I really like the multi-panel cover, and the others too. I like the classic comic style of three of the covers, which I think really lends itself to TG themes. I don't like the style of #1503, but that's nothing to do with your recapping.

I guarantee you this: There are a lot more people out there who like and appreciate your work than either bother to (or dare to) comment. There's often not a lot to say, other than "I liked it". And then there's the usual fear factor (of sticking our necks up) that permeates our community. Most of us are so deep into the TG closet that to find us you'd need a crowbar to hack through the floor.

On another subject entirely: While reading #1505 I found myself wondering at the way the word "GURL" is used. I know what it means, and that it goes back a long way in your work, but here's my thought. It might be better to use "GIRL" at times, specifically in dialogue where the speaker isn't aware (or shouldn't be) that the "gurl" isn't a real girl. That way, when speakers do say "gurl" we can be sure that they know. And in narrative text, of course, "GURL" is entirely appropriate. Just a thought. :-)


#5 | Posted: 7 Feb 2012 05:40

Jezzi Stewart
wanted to let you know i looove your covers, Jezzi. i am amazed at how creative you hav been to come up with so many covers. keep up the good work!


#6 | Posted: 9 Feb 2012 13:26

I liked the 1501 and 1505
Both are very good
Jezzi Stewart


#7 | Posted: 10 Feb 2012 17:25

Here's the next five, 1506-1510.

1506 - Liquored Up "ladies"

Original: Photo from one of Maritess Concepcion's "Hair and Accessories" websites. Thanks Maritess

The old "losing a bet" theme again. This time a whole baseball team lost - probably thought girlie softball would be a snap. Will guys never learn? Must have been powerful stuff poured into that punch, though, the guys sure look like they're having fun being gurls!

It was fun trying to think how a girl's scrapbook page - photo complete with notes and speech balloons taped on - would have looked from that era.

1507 - Helpful Girls

Original: I pulled this out of a bunch of graphics I got when I googled Manga Shojo images. My thanks to Tristra for suggesting the use of manga.

The idea for this story as well as the word "shisutaabooi" and the VGC logo image came from Joe Six-Pack's story "Shisutaabooi" on Crystal's Storysite. I've provided a link. The word means sissy boy in Japanese. I researched Japanese name meanings so I could match the names I used to the characters of my protagonist and his/her "helpers": Takeshi is a boy's name meaning "violent". The others are girls' names: Yasu, "assertive child", Chieko, "wise child" and Naoakemi is a combination of two names meaning "docile bright beauty".

1508 - Charlie Sheen Tribute

Original: My own Romance comics, #32

The coach called a special practice session. I wonder why.

1509 - Trek Break

Original: New Worlds Science Fiction magazine, #54, December, 1956

This is how I would relax between missions if I were Captain Kirk ... or, for that matter, if I were Captain Bleigh, Captain Marvel, Captain Hook, one of the Captains Courageous, etc. :-)

1510 - Instrument of the Goddess

Original: Baron Gong Battle manga, Battle One. Thanks again, Tristra, for the manga idea.

I made up Lady Flame. That said, with the proliferation of superheroes in the last two decades or so, I will not be at all surprised if someone points out to me that there is already a Lady Flame, not even if he tells me she started as a he. If it turns out to be so, I apologize and Lady F will be a one off character for me.
Liquored Up "Ladies"
Liquored Up "Ladies"
Helpful Girls
Helpful Girls
Charlie Sheen Tribute
Charlie Sheen Tribute
Trek Break
Trek Break
Instrument of the Goddess
Instrument of the Goddess


#8 | Posted: 10 Feb 2012 23:28

Glad you like the suggestion, I didn't exactly mean action Manga but if your inspired then it works.
There are love and relationship Mangas
slice of life
and all sorts of others.

For me I find it best to use images from stories I haven't read, that way I'm attached to or affected by the story in my view, I just see the image in the raw and run with it.

some Manga titles that may have art you would like

Ghost Hunter Mikami.
Hunter X Hunter
these three have a wide range or full page art some color most not and n a few different styles.
there are loads of others also.
I don't know how you search or what you look for in particular but that should be a start.
Amanda Hawkins


#9 | Posted: 12 Feb 2012 03:23 | Edited by: Amanda Hawkins

Hey, Jezzi.

I liked "Trek Break". It reminds me of the episode where Kirk is split into his civilized and savage halves, and how they both learn they can't live without the other (rather heavy-handed moralizing, as per usual). There's an obvious TG parallel here with Kirk split into male and female halves, although I'm not sure how the story would work out from there...
Jezzi Stewart


#10 | Posted: 15 Feb 2012 22:25 | Edited by: Jezzi Stewart

HERE'S 1511 - 1515!

1511 - orderly Progression

Original: My Love comics, #9

The oldest girl traditionally gets to wear her mother's wedding gown, only in TGfiction Land it's the oldest gurl.

1512 - Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Original: Confessions of the Lovelorn comics, #93

Re-formed, Reformed, Romanced and wedded - just a happy little tale for a change.

1513 - Aversion Therapy

Original: A photo pulled from either Google or Yahoo's Victorian Fashions for Women Images site.

The size, body language and expressions of the three caused me to immediately think of a mother protecting her obviously scared daughters but also holding them in place, as if she wasn't going to let them be really hurt but that they had to experience what was about to transpire. ... Of course in TGfiction Land, they're her sons.

1514 - The Right Doctor?

Original: PEP Comics, #64 - November, 1947

Bob Smith only has a bad cold when he goes through the wrong door in an unfamiliar medical building and steps into the The TGfiction Zone! Will HE come out?

At this point Archie's gang is only six years old and I imagine that to most of us they don't yet look like what our mental images are of them, so I felt safe in using them as non-Archie characters. Actually, I'm not really sure from the original whether the two girls are even supposed to be Betty and Veronica. I changed Archie to Bob by making his hair black and removing the "R" from his sweater.

1515 - A Little Change

Original: Another manga. I have no idea which one, as the title was in Japanese characters, and, except for Ranma 1/2, I'm not really a manga fan: This is the original's .jpg prefix: shoujo-sect-yuri 03416-486-666.

Manga covers are much harder to work with than American/European comic, book, or magazine covers. First most are character poses, not designed to really suggest a story, and second, they are much more crowded with titles and pics often overlapping each other. I have had some success in finding covers' main artwork separate from the covers themselves. The upshot of this is that I may have one Manga cover mod for every 5-10 American/European mods for awhile.

The two girls on this one just looked to me like a Domme-Sub duo. I've heard of "Magical Girls" manga, so why not Magical Dommes? And if a Domme was magical, what would she do? Well, this is TGfiction Land. :-)

There were a number of english letter Japanese words for "little" and for "one". I just put the two together that make what to me is the most pleasing sound. I have no idea if sukashi + wan would mean Little One used as a term of endearment.
Orderly Progression
Orderly Progression
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
Aversion Therapy
Aversion Therapy
The Right Doctor?
The Right Doctor?
A Little Change
A Little Change
Jezzi Stewart


#11 | Posted: 18 Feb 2012 10:16 | Edited by: Jezzi Stewart

Here's 1516a - 1520. I will now post 1501 -1520 at the home site.

1516a - The Battle of the Sexes ... and Genders

Original: PEP Comics, #68 - 1948

The "Riverdale Women Hater's Club" sign was part of the original. It made me think that there must also be a Riverdale Man Hater's Club for the girls. Well, in TGfiction Land the way for one group to find out about the other is obvious.

In this issue, both a & b, and also in issue 1519, I have "borrowed" actual Archie characters; Sue me. I picked Moose as my TG protagonists because the girls in the originals were blondes and he's the only major Archie male character that's blonde, and because, to the best of my knowledge, he's also the only major male character who in real Archie has never been in drag; he deserved his turn. :-) I did take comicary license: Moose first appeared as a character in "Archie's Pal, Jughead" #1 in 1949, a year after the 1516a PEP original came out.

1516b - Tummy Troubles

Original: Archie's Pal, Jughead comics (1949 series) #2

A continuation of the 1516a story line. The titles "The Good Spy Gurl" and "The Good Spy Gurls" were a twist on the film title, The Good Bye Girl".

1517 - And They Lived Happily Ever After

Original: Uncle Charlie's Fables comics, #1

A feminine male and a masculine female: A match made ... well, somewhere.

1518 - Rabbit Holes are Sooo Yesterday! VG#1201 link aingirls%201201-1300/Vaingirls%201201.jpg.php

Original: Comix comics, #7 - July, 2011

As soon as I saw this original, I thought "Mad Hatter" - but, of course, updated and TGed. I added the original Tenniel "10/6" price tag to the original. To see "her" great granny, follow the link to VGC issue 1201.

1519 - Cafe TGfornia: Edgar and The Eagles

Original: Archie's Pal, Jughead comics (1949 series) #5

If you want to know the backstory, then listen as Juggy sings "Cafe TGfornia":

On a Riverdale highway,
Searching food everywhere,
Warm smell of hamburgers
Rising up through the air!
Up ahead in the distance,
I saw a shimmering sight:
My stomach rumbled and my sight grew dim -
Had to stop for the night.
There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the night cook's yell.
I was thinkin' to myself,
"Could this be heaven? To early to tell."
Then she picked up a menu
And she showed me the way -
There were voices from the corner booths,
I could hear them say,
"Welcome to the Cafe TGfornia ..."

The E.A. Poe part of this was made up almost a decade ago as a mod panel, and I'd forgotten about it. When I was doing #1514 and decided to make my protagonist Moose, I wondered when he had actually appeared on the Archie scene. I googled him and found he appeared first in AP,J #1, which led me to check out that title in the GCD, where I discovered issue #5 and remembered what I had done with it all those years ago. I hunted it up and turned it into this cover, updating it by adding "Hotel California" into the mix.

1520 - Training a Bride

Original: The Popular Magazine, September 1, 1914

There actually were Bride trains taking women from the east out to the 19th century American "old west" frontier to be married. There were also orphan trains taking orphaned boys and girls out west for a labor/parents trade off.

I've had this original for quite awhile. When I first saw it, I thought of the girl, "That's Snow White!" I tried for a long time to come up with a VGC cover based on that but was having no luck. Then last week, I watched a movie that involved stowaways and saw a documentary on the bride trains. Thus this cover with no Snow White. ... Though maybe someday my cover will come. :-)
The Battle of the Sexes ... and Genders
The Battle of the Sexes ... and Genders
Tummy Troubles
Tummy Troubles
And They Lived Happily Ever After
And They Lived Happily Ever After
Rabbit Holes are Sooo Yesterday!
Rabbit Holes are Sooo Yesterday!
Cafe TGfornia:  Edgar and the Eagles
Cafe TGfornia: Edgar and the Eagles
Training a Bride
Training a Bride
Maria Ski


#12 | Posted: 18 Feb 2012 16:54

Hi Jezzi
Another great batch of covers.
I think I've said it before. But I am a big fan of the modified Archie covers.

#13 | Posted: 18 Feb 2012 18:50

"Training a bride"
Hanky panky?
Tee hee hee.
My English funny bone was really tickled by that.
One of your best JS :-)
Amanda Hawkins


#14 | Posted: 19 Feb 2012 05:03

Jezzi Stewart:
1519 - Cafel TGfornia: Edgar and The Eagles

Loved this one, Jezzi. Got to be one of your best.
Maria Ski


#15 | Posted: 19 Feb 2012 14:57

I've just taken another look at 1503.

I don't know how I missed the Sorority name. Q Ti Pi...!
Very punny Jezzi...!
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