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TG Time Agent #1


#1 | Posted: 29 May 2007 08:52

Both femur and suedenim asked for more time travel covers, so here's
the first of two sets. The backstory:

In 2140, with the US on the brink of economic collapse, the newly-
formed Time Agency, having determined it was an apparently innocuous
bill sponsored by a Senator in 1949 that ultimately led to this
crisis, sent a small squad back to that year to discredit the Senator
before the bill could be introduced. The Time Projector inserted them
into the past as individuals who had always been there, essentially
tweaking reality to make this so. Unfortunately, time-projection was
a one-way process. After completion of their mission, the squad members
had to live out their new lives quietly, leaving as little impact on
events of the period as possible. Though the squad could never report
back, of course (too risky to leave notes for the future that others
might find prematurely), the fact that the economic collapse went away
proved to the Time Agency that the squad had succeeded in their mission.
Unfortunately, this lack of contact meant the squad were unable to
report a flaw in the time projector, namely that it reversed everyone's
genders when inserting them into another time period. (see 'Time Travel
Dilemma' in the 'Midweek Trio' further down).

In the years that followed, some in the Agency argued the Time Projector
should be used to take things further, to alter the past so that the
country ruled the world. Others simply wanted to use it to make them all
rich. In 2150, they tried to take over the Agency by force, and failed.
As the authorities were about to move against them, this group of men
and women - which included the inventor of the Time Projector - fled into
the past. Fortunately, a safety protocol had been incorporated
in the projector. As each person was processed by it a random string of
words was generated which, when spoken to that person in the time period
they were sent to, would permanently block all access to any memories of
their future selves, leaving them the contemporary people they appeared to

Colonel Adam O'Day, a decorated combat veteran, was chosen to pursue the
group which, for some reason, had gone to Hollywood in the early 1960s. He
was charged with stopping them before they could alter the past and made to
memorise the strings of fail-safe words which had been implanted in the
minds of each of them so that he could locate and neutralize each of them,
one at a time. This done, Colonel O'Day was projected into the past and a
new identity in Hollywood. Of course, there was one thing he wasn't expecting....
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The first story
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TGCapper and Moderator 

#2 | Posted: 29 May 2007 16:57

I love it! What a great setup for a TG series!

#3 | Posted: 29 May 2007 18:29

I've never seen any of the original, non-TG April O'Day stories whose covers these are an adaptation of, but I wanted to set things up so that if anyone had these and wanted to recap them to suit, it would be easy to do so. That's why neutralizing a time fugitive involves saying a string of words rather than physical violence - lots of talking in romance comics, not much violence.

TGCapper and Moderator 

#4 | Posted: 29 May 2007 22:41

Good point, the words could fit with all sorts of romance-comic behavior....
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