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The original name of this comic


#1 | Posted: 31 May 2011 07:20

I'm looking for the original name of this comic before it got modified. utRomance3.jpg

thanks in advance.

#2 | Posted: 1 Jun 2011 01:53

Young Romance #191. You can view the cover (and lots of other great ones) by visiting the Grand Comic database at



#3 | Posted: 1 Jun 2011 08:56

Thanks for the reply. It's too bad that only the cover was available and not the content

TGCapper and Moderator 

#4 | Posted: 2 Jun 2011 07:42 | Edited by: suedenim

Individual romance comics can be tough to track down, but with a little patience and persistence, and if you're not finicky about condition, many can be had cheap. Young Romance #191 is available now at for $9.00 in FN condition. Which isn't cheap, but I bet if you make a want list there and at, eventually a cheaper, lower-condition copy will show up. Ebay's more hit-or-miss, but can turn up real bargains.

It does sound like the original story would make wonderful recaptioning material. It's tough to find romance stories that have really good "alternate interpretation" possibilities.

#5 | Posted: 11 Jun 2011 09:41

Had a tough time getting one for cheap but thanks for the tip.

I had another comic cover origin I'd like to know since it's not from the young romance series and I hope it's not a bother or a problem. 00_Cover.jpg

Thanks in advance.
Jezzi Stewart


#6 | Posted: 12 Jun 2011 21:08

For you and others, from #565 on, all VAINGIRLS COMICS covers show the original source underneath them.
Hugs, Jezzi

#7 | Posted: 13 Jun 2011 01:53

Ah. I'll try my luck then on finding it there. Hopefully.

*after a number of check from 565 till latest....*

Nope, couldn't find the right cover. I'll check the previous ones.

*another look from 565 till 1....*

Nope, not on the Vaingirls comic covers.

TGCapper and Moderator 

#8 | Posted: 13 Jun 2011 07:04

I lucked out on my T-Girl Detective skill, and found the cover on my first guess after concluding it must be a DC title.

That cover is Young Love #82.

#9 | Posted: 13 Jun 2011 09:02

Wow, thanks and awesome detective skills. I bet you played a lot of L.A. Noire :)

TGCapper and Moderator 

#10 | Posted: 13 Jun 2011 21:13

Playing it now, and wearing the slinky dress, too (well, on my Xbox Live Avatar, anyway!)
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