A SoCal Secrets Creation.

A recaption of Air Fighters Comics (Hillman, 1941) V2#2, from the copy found in the Wikipedia article on Airboy. The Wikipedia found the image at:


Created expecially for tgcomics.com
A SoCal Secrets Creation.

A recaption of The Young Doctors (Charlton, 1963) #03 from the copy at the Grand Comics Database. http://www.comics.org

Created expecially for tgcomics.com
Andy 16
Archie and Friends 90
Black Magic 14
Boy Into Girl 10
Boy Into Girl 60
Boy Loves Girlboys 37
Buddies in the Army
Calling All Tgirls
Confessions Of A Cross-dresser
Crime Must Pay the Penalty 27
Cross-dressed Criminals 1
Cross-dressed Criminals 3
Drag Secrets 1
Exotic Romances 22
Fritzi Ritz 3
GI Sweethearts 32
Halloween Secrets
Hollywood Confessions
Justice Traps the Guilty
La Cage Aux Folles Presents
Love Stories of Mary Worth
Meet Corliss Archer
Mr. Anthony's Love Clinic (Hillman, 1949) #01
My Love Life 12
My Secret Life 34
My Secret Story 29
Night Nurse 2
Parole Breakers 2
Paulie Peril 1
Paulie Peril 2
Spy and Counterspy 2
Tales of Terror 1
Tell It to the Marines 4
Tender Romances 1