Superman/Lois -- The Beginning
Situations Miss Manners Never Covered
More Superman/Lois
Baby, Look At You Now!
She Wants Her Body Back
The Reluctant Bride
Bridal Surprise
Don's Decision
Here Comes The Bride
The Danger Of Loaning
He Made Her, But...
Sixties Daydreamin'
A Boyfriend No More
Brother, Look At You Now...
Secrets Revealed
When Body Swaps Come Out
Seeing His Own Future
More To Her Than Meets The Eye...
The Revelation
Body-Swapper Rivalry
They Do Things Differently At This Fair
No, You Can't Have It Back
Sometimes, A Pony Just Isn't Enough
Lesbian Surprise
Hey, A Free Dress!
Return Of His Best Buddy
Who'll Be The Bride?
Which Ladyboy Will Catch The Bouquet?
Waiting For Ted
Caught By The Feds!
Amnesia Surprise
Fortune Favors The Teller
Ah, Bigamy!
The Arrangement
From Husband To Daughter
Not What She Seems