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Vaungirl Panels


#1 | Posted: 12 Apr 2011 00:05

Love Jezzi's latest Vaingirl Panels.

#2 | Posted: 13 Apr 2011 05:08 | Edited by: fleur

Great as always, but Jezzi - watch that addiction thing you mentioned. Been there done that, paid the price.
Take care.
Helen Buckley

#3 | Posted: 3 May 2011 22:28 | Edited by: Helen Buckley

Love Petar'd! but I should correct the quote if you don't mind.
It's Petard.
"Hoist with his own petard" literally means "blown up with his own mine." More generally, a "petard" is a hat-shaped device which can be be charged with gunpowder.
As for 'Baby in broad', the quote, ' How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is
To have a thankless child'.
From King Lear???

Keep up the good work my dear,
Jezzi Stewart


#4 | Posted: 3 May 2011 22:51

According to The Phrase Finder, both petar and petard are correct, though the latter is more common. Shakespeare, however, did use petar when writing Hamlet. For VG1223, I wanted a one word title that would express the whole phrase, so I turned petar into a verb and made it past tense. I could have used petar-ed, but the contraction petar'd has an elegant look to it the other lacked, I thought.
Helen Buckley

#5 | Posted: 15 May 2011 21:12 | Edited by: Helen Buckley

Hi Jezzi, there you go. All my googling came up with the alternative. No matter, it was still appropriate and your interpretation was clever.
I like alternative ideas in this genre and your VG 1231 was very poignant. The quandry, the love for her child. Nicely done. 1232, again with the sadness, I have worked with patients who have alzheimers, it is a terrible disease and how it effects the friends and family as opposed to the patient is the greater sadness. Having flashbacks to a normal memory must be terrible.
Marla's revenge on her brother is great, wouldn't we all like that problem? Keep up the work,
Jezzi Stewart


#6 | Posted: 16 May 2011 07:31

Thanks, Helen, the specific feedback is very nice. The originals for 1231-1233 are all the same comic and as I was going thru its issues at Cover browser, I immediately saw the stories in these three and pulled them all out at the same time to do as the first three of this ten; that's somewhat unusual for me. Out of every ten, I pick the one I like best and put it in a special folder (same with every hundred) For this 10, I picked 1232.

TGCapper and Moderator 

#7 | Posted: 16 May 2011 08:30

I like "If It Wasn't For the Aunts" in itself, but the title also got me thinking about prominent fictional characters with meddling aunts of a different sort...

Has anyone ever tried writing a TG Bertie Wooster story? Dang, I think it could actually work, and even somewhat seamlessly. (Since Bertie seldom shows much interest in sex of any kind, becoming a girl might not throw him off as much as you'd expect!)

Others I particularly like:
1231: I like the theme of "dealing with it and moving on," and that even presented with an unexpected choice, would you go back to what you once were?
1237: Excellent repurposing of the image, and another story I'd love to actually read!
1238: Love the concept, and would like to see what results of these first steps into femininity!
Amanda Hawkins


#8 | Posted: 17 May 2011 03:09

Great work, Jezzi. My fav is #1233, "Best served femme". There's just something about that whole "mother feminizes son" genre that appeals to me...

TGCapper and Moderator 

#9 | Posted: 19 May 2011 01:13

Great re-caps, but I particularly liked 1231. It reminded me of the altered fate of Stan Peterson/Maritza Tavarez in Dannielle J's "Best Laid Plans".

#10 | Posted: 21 Jul 2011 18:46

I just love vaingirls, its great
Helen Buckley

#11 | Posted: 3 Aug 2011 19:17

Hi Jezi, I was going through your new ones and I have to say you are going from strength to strength.
Of the new ones I love 'Love and Heartbreak' Original: G.I. Sweethearts comics, #33
It reminds me how nervous I was on my first outings, although I never had the problems he is going to have!
I also loved this one
Liquored up
Original: Railroad Man's Magazine, December 14, 1919
The good old fairy godmother, I reckon she could do with a drink now and again!
They're all imaginative but these two stand out for me,
Amanda Hawkins


#12 | Posted: 6 Aug 2011 04:34

You always do great work, Jezzi. You don't need me to tell you that. (But it's kinda nice to hear anyway; I hear ya.)

I quite liked #1301: Simple text, nicely understated (for both the character and the artist).

Also excellent is #1305. The only thing I'd change is to lose the "Look out world" in the thought balloon. It feels wrong, it's superfluous. The rest of the text is great.

In #1306, did anyone else find themselves wanting to be the brunette instead?

Queen of TGCaps 

#13 | Posted: 17 Aug 2011 19:04 | Edited by: lorna

xoxoxoxo to the beauty and ingenuity of VG panels
(btw - VG 1320 panel came from LToon 50)
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