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questions for eva Frubb Fan


#1 | Posted: 18 May 2010 20:47

First I miss your work. Any Chance of some new ones soon.
Second, perhaps you can help me - lost files one of which was a story - I think it was yours where Evan drugged Ginger & took her place,any Chance you know where it is?

#2 | Posted: 19 May 2010 13:05

Luv --

I've been pretty much self-retired since my friend and idol Jen DerBender was forced to retire her online ID and delete her Yahoo clubs. Without her continuous influx of imagination and enthusiasm, I confess I lost a great deal of my own enthusiasm for this little niche.


That's not to say I haven't been privately creating some Evil Archie covers for my own amusement and feeling the urge to do something spectacular to post here. Maybe the whole Dilton storyline or even a 8- to 10-page comic where Betty's nasty older brother steals her identity.

But, yes, you can definitely look for at least a few covers posted before the end of May. :)

Now, regarding the story you mentioned. It's not one of mine as I can't recall ever writing actual prose. My work was confined strictly to (1) long captioned sequences for Jen's old Lycos group (archived at Rachel's Haven if anyone wants to read them) and a bit of long synopses in one or another thread in this forum.

But the idea of a MALE Evan drugging Ginger and taking her place? That's been my personal fantasy since the first time I saw that GI episode (and the reason I chose my monicker -- Eva did what I longed to do).

I'm very intrigued to learn someone actually had the same idea but sad to report I didn't know of its existence until now.

If you do come across a copy of it (or someone else reads this thread and can help out), I would dearly appreciate a chance to read it, too!

And as for lost files, I'm missing one as well. Tebra's drawing of Hot Dog stealing Veronica's identity. I saved a copy of the image when it was posted to eBay years ago but it was accidentally deleted and I can't find it archived in any of the Yahoo superhero TF clubs.

Perhaps some Samaritan can help us both out.

In the meantime, watch for some new Evil Archie material posted to this forum in the next few weeks. And if you retrieve a copy of that Evan story, PLEASE let me know.



#3 | Posted: 19 May 2010 18:34

Several things - one I am really looking forward to your Evil Archies.

also I am sorry for your excitement over my mistake do to a type. It should be fiction were E VA steals Ginger's identity. Not 'Evan'

I will post the Hot Dog Ronnie done by the Great Tebra. I hope that is OK with Femur and Tebra
Hot Dog Ronnie
Hot Dog Ronnie
Helen Buckley

#4 | Posted: 3 Jun 2010 21:07

I am replying to the question on the opening page re lack of postings and as here seems to be the logical page to post such a reply here I am.

I have been a member here for a while, also a member of the original site. I must admit that I tend to keep my contributions to the posting of toons as I am loathe to offer comments which may be misread or misunderstood.
I know what it is to work on a toon then to have someone pass a comment about it, which may be a criticism or even pointing out a typo! (I have had many of those!! **LOL** I don't really mind, honest).
The style is so varied here and as we all have different taste some, logically, won't appeal as much as others will, this is to be expected.
If I see one I like do I post a comment praising it? If I do is it saying that others aren't as good? I post quite a few and only get some comments from a few who have been kind enough to offer support and criticism. If there are comments elsewhere I haven't seen them.
I suppose if a critique is offered it is hoped that it will not be taken too personally. I don't these days, unless it's the bland, 'Don't like' comment without a qualifying observation. Then again, maybe there isn't a reason, perhaps it just doesn't work.
Anyway, I have probably offered no constructive comment here, just some thoughts. I do enjoy this page, it gives me a great outlet for whatever creative urges I have,
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