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Volunteer needed for experiment


#1 | Posted: 5 Aug 2013 03:30 | Edited by: tylo2

1980s supermodel Paulina Porizkova is famous -- and notorious -- for being universally known as "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" -- the only celebrity ever to become infamous for being granted this title.

But was she?

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to find out. If you agree to volunteer, you'll be transformed into Paulina [see attached candid photo] and be forced to spend an indefinite amount of time as the young Czech icon in order to determine for us whether she deserves to be called the "World's Most Beautiful Woman."

Please note that you will not be permitted to change back until you've made up your mind!

NOTE: We fully understand that, by enlisting TGCaps members as volunteers, we are taking a serious risk: whoever accepts the assignment will almost certainly be burdened with a potentially overwhelming degree of extreme, intoxicating sensual excitement. "Paulina looks like what millions of women wish they looked like," a Vogue editor famously wrote, and, upon your transformation, you will be dealing with both the extreme female joy of being so gorgeous and, at the same time, your own forbidden sexual excitement (which, we warn you, will be all the more intoxicating since it's hidden from view). So, before volunteering, remember that you'll be trapped: no matter how keenly you feel that combination of happiness and arousal, you'll have to stay Paulina as long as it takes to decide whether you really are "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World."

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Any takers?

LATE-BREAKING WARNING: It has come to our attention that our first few volunteers have all engaged in exactly the same behavior: upon transforming into Paulina, each immediately finds her way to a mirror, and then remains pinned in place, staring at her reflection from up close while experiencing a mounting series of multiple orgasms that continue indefinitely. While we encourage you to stay at the mirror for as many hours as you like, it's important to recognize that your perpetual arousal is not going to diminish or abate, no matter what you do: those continuous orgasms are a permanent burden.

LATE-BREAKING WARNING II: To facilitate your leaving the house, we have provided simple, casual attire of t-shirt and jeans [see second photo]. Please note that, while we encourage your going out in public as Paulina, we must warn you to prepare yourself for a profound surge of arousal, far beyond what you've experienced in private: the thrill of being oggled by astonished, incredulous passersby will only increase your erotic excitement. Remember: your ongoing "mission" is forcing you to endure the wild happiness of being "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" -- by parading in scanty pinup clothes, you're flaunting your secret TG arousal, and your guilty thrill of being enviously stared at will make your public orgasms all the more delightfully difficult to conceal.


#2 | Posted: 8 Aug 2013 13:41

How do I join?

#3 | Posted: 15 Sep 2013 10:32

I am in

#4 | Posted: 15 Sep 2013 22:25

Me too!

#5 | Posted: 26 Sep 2013 23:54

Sign me up!

#6 | Posted: 8 Nov 2013 23:03



#7 | Posted: 17 Nov 2013 00:52

Does this also mean I'd have to bed by Ric Ocasek at some point?

#8 | Posted: 8 Mar 2014 02:51

I love this idea! Guess I have to join the back of the line.......

#9 | Posted: 10 Mar 2014 14:31 | Edited by: tylo2

I'm glad the "experiment" is getting some attention. Here are some new developments:


Despite the apparent effectiveness of the t-shirt/jeans ensemble (see above), the experiment now calls for another enforced change of venue: namely, a mandatory switch to more formal attire. However in the interest of alleviating some of the strain of the experiment, the subject will be permitted a rare instance of (extremely limited) free choice: while she must be dressed up in blue silk "eveningware," she is free to select either of two options: FORMAL A or FORMAL B (see photographs below; note that FORMAL B is selected from a well-known Paulina Porizkova magazine cover photograph, also visible below).

Please remember that the choice is permanent and that the test subject will be forced to spend her time in public dressed in the fashion indicated at all times (and to spend as much time in public as possible as per previous directives) in order to fully explore the extremes of Paulina Porizkova's beauty. Please also note the dangers of being trapped with FORMAL B (for which reasons we strongly advise against its selection), in that the "forbidden" sensations of parading oneself in public while flaunting such extreme prettiness may prove too intoxicating to sustain before the subject succumbs to alarming levels of erotic excitement.


#10 | Posted: 19 Dec 2014 19:10

I want to be part of this experiment.

#11 | Posted: 19 Dec 2014 19:13

this is me


Queen of TGCaps 

#12 | Posted: 17 Mar 2015 02:39 | Edited by: lorna

tylo2: Please note that I put on my TGCaps Admin hat and responded to your work @ TGComics Forum.
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