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Schoolgirl Uniform / Prom Gown Punishment


#1 | Posted: 30 Dec 2012 12:17 | Edited by: tylo2

This is the story of the radical disciplinary measures inflicted on you upon your enrollment at a strict, prestigious private school (where you suddenly appear as a "transfer student," after a mysterious bolt of lightning transforms you into a young high school senior girl on the first day of the semester).

Of course, it's immediately obvious to you (and to the entire school) that there's something very unusual about you: nobody can possibly miss the fact that the school's newest arrival is none other than Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima (see picture).


#2 | Posted: 30 Dec 2012 12:27

Almost immediately, you're summoned into the headmistress' office. The headmistress, a stern, strict middle-aged woman in a severe business suit, orders you to close the door and face her, staring at you in wide-eyed astonishment and disdain.

"Young lady," the headmistress begins, "I don't know what you're used to getting away with at whatever other institution you came here from...but at this school, we have very strict rules about our student's appearance. And there is simply no way that a girl as pretty as you can get away with looking like that without severe punishment."

You open your mouth, about to protest that you have no control over your appearance (and maybe even explain that you don't even know what's happening to you -- that you just experienced an instant, magical transformation). But the headmistress raps a ruler on her desk. "Silence!" she orders. "Miss Lima, there is simply no way that we can permit you to walk out of this office looking like that." As she speaks, to your surprise, you see a mahogany door opening and a small staff of assistants with boxes and bags walk in. "Adriana, from now on, you shall wear a very different school uniform. As punishment for your appearance, you will be forced to wear your prom gown to school!"

And, before you know what's happening, the assistants have erected a screen around you and forcibly but gently changed your clothes for you, providing cosmetics and styling your face and hair...and when you turn to the mirror, you're astonished to see that they've dressed you in a shimmering turquoise gown (see image):


#3 | Posted: 30 Dec 2012 12:42

"As you can see," the headmistress snaps in sadistic satisfaction, "it will now be much more difficult for you to ignore your beauty. In fact, I can already see the effects of the punishment on your are obviously having trouble avoiding the sensations that accompany such extreme, unfair gorgeousness, and you will have to endure the envy and hatred of the other girls in the will be denied the freedom they have to wear the normal school uniform."

"But t-this is crazy," you manage to stammer, panting slightly with the arousal that's flooding over you. "I d-don't understand..."

"Silence!" the headmistress shouts at you. "It's clear that your aren't suffering enough...your punishment for daring to be so beautiful must be much more severe. Tailors!"

The seamstresses and tailors and attendants bustle back into the room, frightened. "Yes, headmistress?"

"It's not enough!" the headmistress snaps. "We must implement the special, extreme alterations to her attire."

"But, ma'am..." one of the seamstresses stammers, "It's just unheard of! To alter an evening gown in the manner you're requesting is simply too extreme; it probably never has been done."

"Then this will be the first time!" The headmistress snaps, looking at her watch. "Classes are starting soon. Quickly--perform the alterations on Miss Lima's gown and get it back onto her, and then she'll see what it's really like to have the audacity to pass herself off as a student with an appearance as extreme as hers."

And, in just a few dizzying minutes, the screen is replaced and the assistants swarm around you, snipping and sewing and adjusting your attire with expert precision, until, when they step away and you face the mirror, you finally see what the headmistress has in mind for you (see images):


#4 | Posted: 30 Dec 2012 12:46

And without further discussion, you are rudely shoved out of the headmistress' office and forced to join the student body. Here are some snapshots of your grueling experience over the next few hours as you move around the school, cruelly forced to endure the full effects of your appearance and your new school uniform:


#5 | Posted: 30 Dec 2012 12:55

Just one more:



#6 | Posted: 1 Jan 2013 22:16

Great pics, and as a writer myself I know how much effort goes into these things. Keep creating!

#7 | Posted: 2 Jan 2013 10:06


I wasn't sure about the story flow: I think it might be better if "you" end up mingling with the other students as the "prom queen" and then get forcibly switched to the "altered" (bikini-style) gown.


#8 | Posted: 30 Apr 2013 11:43

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