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Batman beyond :The return of Catwoman

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#16 | Posted: 17 May 2011 11:27

good to hear, I look forward to seeing it.

#17 | Posted: 18 May 2011 23:03

Night has fallen over the city. It is the time when crimes of the night began. But because of the fear of the Batman they don't come out as much as they use to. If they did not have the Batman, the city would have burnt down to the ground a long time ago. So, Bruce had to make sure that no one knew the truth and search for Terry. Down in the police station, were the thugs from the other night, the ones that Terry fought. They were being interrogated.

"So Bill..." the balding man," I went over your rap sheet over and over again..." Barbra says standing over him. He was nervous; the sweat poured from him. "You usually do small stuff like banks or even little shops. Now, you break into a high Tec form and try to take on Batman!"

"Look, I don't think you came up with this plain of your by yourself. Hell, I don't think you had any part in the planning, at all! So, come clean and tell us who hired you and your men to do this?" she says in an angry tone.

Barbra could see that see was getting nowhere with Bill. He was just sitting there not saying a word. Barbra then told the other two cops in the room to step out. After they left Barbra's tone changed her words became sadder. As if she was regretting what she was about to say.

Look Bill unless you corporate what happens next will be on your head. I'm trying to help you here. Just give me a name and I might forgive your latest acts.

Still Bill says northing witch forces Barbra's hand. She walked over to the door.

I going to get something" her eyes were locked on bill as if she was waiting for him to say something to stop her. Just wait here and nock if you need something.

Then she was gone and Bill feels relieved. Bill started looking around as if he was looking for a way out of this. The room was small and only had one door. There was no print to try so he just got more comfortable. Then the lights started flickering on and off. Bill was confused by this even if there was a power surge the lights wouldn't flash like this.

Bill saw something on the other side of the room. He didn't know what it was at fist but it looked like a black blob to him. With each flash the figure on the other side of the room got more and more clear. Then with each flash the figure stepped closer and closer to the table. Then the lights stopped and standing in front of Bill was a taller looking Batman. Bill was silent and beyond scared. As the Batman stepped closer to him Bill jumped out of his chair and started walking back to the wall. Bill started screaming for the offers outside the door to come in. What he didn't know

Was that when Barbra walked out she told the offers to take their brake. Now Batman was only inches away from Bill.

Please' cried Bill' don't hurt me. I was only doing what I was paid to do.

Witch was" asks Batman in his angry but not out of control voice?

I was hired to lead you to that billing to get captured by my employer.

The Batman then grabbed Bill by the shirt and lifted him up off the ground.


At this print Bill was crying he knew he couldn't lie to Batman and get away with it.

I don't know who he was" he screamed. The first time we meet it was on a phone. The next few times he always has his head down and was wearing a hood.

What was his name' Batman says with again anger in his voice?

Anthony" Bill cried out on the floor. He said his name was Anthony. Now that's all I know Please don't hurt me.

Bill closed his eyes for just on second and when he opened them Batman was gone.

Minute's later Barbra walks back in the room only to find Bill crying in one of the corners.

Standing on top of the police station was the Batman or so we thought. Back at the batcave Bruce was sitting at his computer controlling the batman robot. The controls for the robot were at his finger trips and he had to do was say something and the robot would say it. Bruce then open a new window so he could search for the one called Anthony.

I hope you got something good Bruce" says Barbra on the intercom. I took a lot of risk helping you.

I got a got a name' he says coldly' Anthony

Never heard of him' says Barbara

Nether have I Barbra. But ask around anyway and see what you come up with.

You could be a little more grateful for all my help Bruce.

Bruce says nothing and went on looking up anything on the so called Anthony.

He's ok Bruce" says Barbara speaking of Terry. If he's anything like you he's just fine.

He's my responsible "trying to sound like he's fine but Barbara could hear what he was holding back" and if anything were to happen to him it's my fought. It was me that got him to where he is now.

Don't go blaming yourself. Find Anthony he's the one who took him.

Bruce just went on searching then Barbara sighed and huge up the phone.
Please don't do this to yourself Bruce' says Barbara looking up into the night.

Back at the habitat Terry was now a wake and just passing back and forth trying to think.

Ok there has to be away out of this" Terry was in a panic he had to get out of the place before they do something worse.

Terry started laughing at that thought. That else could they to him they have already taken his identity, his manhood.

Trying to get a grip on himself Terry starts walking. Not anywhere special just was walking in a random direction. It didn't really mater were. Terry had been there only a few days but he hadn't really looked around. Terry didn't know why but he started walking faster. Terry started liking the feeling on the dirt, roots and leaves under his feet, the cold breeze and the smell of the plants and trees.

I can't believe this is underground' he thought to himself.

A snake sliding down from a tree surprises Terry making him jump on to a tree.

Roar' Terry lets out a huge roar while attached to the tree. Hanging upside down on the tree with his teeth showing Terry gets ready to attack. Releasing what he was doing he jumps to the side avoiding the snake. He lets out a little laugh and watches the snake slither away.

Trying to get back to what he was thinking about Terry starts walking again but even faster than before.

Outside the habitat Anthony sat watching Terry or as he named him Selene on the monitors. The other doctors and scientists that worked there were all keeping busty, maintaining the equipment on the habitat. One of the doctor's approaches Anthony to ask him something.

Sur' says the doctor' would you like to see the latest blood test.

Magnificent isn't she' Anthony says like he wasn't listening. Did you see how fast she was? She is simply graceful.

Sur ' the doctor says more loudly so Anthony would hear him. Would you like to" Anthony cuts him of there.

I heard you the first time doctor, he says with his eye still glued to Terry' and my name is Anthony. You should try and use it.
Now let me see the test.

As Anthony looks over the chart the doctor looks at Terry running though the habitat. The doctor steps closer to get a better look at the specimen as he called her.

Good' Anthony says to the doctor. She is responding well.

Is it time to train her yet?

No" he says calmly to the doctor. She has to deal with her punishment first then I start the training.

Are you sure that is wise? Who knows what it could to her with what we did to her and all.

Anthony stands up and gives the chart back to the doctor and heads off to see Selene and inform her about her punishment. But before he got too far he says to the doctor over his shoulder.

Trust me this will all work out and you will reserve your reward when it's done.

Meanwhile Terry not sure why he was running so far stopped and started claiming up a tree. He was much surprised at how easily it was. It was like second nature to him. He finally got to a good branch and sat down. It was high enough so Terry could see just about everything. Panting from all that running Terry looked back to his starting ground. He couldn't believe it but it seemed like he just ran about one maybe two and a half miles. He was running harder and faster than a human being should and he knew that he could go for even more. On the verge of laughing Terry looked up to see if he could see the end. It was there that Terry sees that there was no way out.

God' Terry thought. Someone help me. I can't do anything. They have me cornered.

Terry starts crying. He tried to stop but he just kept going.

Why can't I stop? I never cried like this before.
Well to be truthful I was a man not" he stops and starts looking at his not just female but female cat body. Terry tried picturing his old body and comparing what he remembers to what he sees now. Terry becoming more and ceares about his new body started feeling himself. Rubbing his hourglass waste and feeling his fur and as his hand was working its way to his breasts he stopped.

I know you're watching' Terry says to himself.

I will get out of here and fix' Terry Stopped and just looked at his body.

Then Terry let out a little yawn saying that he was tired. Seeing that he was settled pretty good on that branch Terry decides to take a little nap and soon Terry falls asleep.

Terry fines himself sitting in a restaurant with his girlfriend Dana. It was high-rise types were Terry could see the whole city from his set but he was more forces on his date. She was just gorges with her blue silk dress. Her hair was tide in a bone on her head. Her little smile was making Terry's night. Terry thanks for a minute and looks at himself in window behind him. After seeing his old face he calms down.

What is it' Dana asks?

Nothing" responds Terry. I was just checking on something.


Nothing important' says Terry

Now you were telling me about your trip.

No, says with a big smile. I think I've talked about it enough don't you think? Why don't you tell me what you've been doing over the lasted few weeks?

Well' trying not to laugh. I been keeping busy you know.

Dana gave a looked that says she was confused but she still kept her sw

#18 | Posted: 18 May 2011 23:04

Dana gave a looked that says she was confused but she still kept her sweet smile. Dana did not know the truth about Terry being the batman but she had always thought he was hiding something from her.

No, still trying to keep her smile. I don't know you don't tell me all that much. So I was thinking maybe tonight you could tell me about your life.

Terry was surprised with that. It's been so long since she asked about his night life. Terry had to keep him being the batman a secret from her in order to keep her safe. He was forced to lie to his girlfriend.

You know helping Mr. Wayne with what he needs that sort off stuff.

Terry could tell that he had said that very same statement to Dana many times before. What Dana asked next never crossed Terry's mind.

So if anything bad happen to you lately. You would tell me right' Dana asks?

Of cross Dana' Terry says just little confused.

Like if you were taken far away and forced to change.

Terry was speechless. He had no clue as to why she would ask that. Terry starts looking around for clues. Terry didn't know why he didn't notice it before. The restaurant was full of people, other couples talking, laughing that sort of thing but no one had faces. There was just a blank sheet a skin. Terry tries to get up out of his chair but something was keeping him down. He couldn't see anything but he could feel something holding him. He starts to panic trying harder and harder to get free.

Dana' Terry cries. Help me there's something holding me'

Terry stopped himself when he looked up at his date. Sitting their instead of Dana Tan was Selene the cat creature he was transformed into. Her hands spaced out on the table ready to lift herself on to it.

Her tail singing side to side like she liked what she was seeing. Terry could hear Selene purring like a small kitten. Terry tuned his head and tried to swing his way free but what Selene was doing stopped him.

He wasn't sure what he saw so he started moving his fingers and she did the same. Terry then turned his head to the right and Selene did the same.

Terry now realized that he was now looking into a mirror and Selene was his reflection. He was now scared and he dropped his jaw but moving his tongue Terry could feel sharp teeth in his mouth. Looking down at his hands he sees not his hands but the cat hands of Selene. Looking back up Terry could see the truth. Terry could see that Selene was not his reflection but he was Selene's reflection. Feeling that he was losing himself to this monster that Anthony has created Terry lets out one big scream.

Terry's scream continued into a roar as he awakes out of his nightmare. Realizing that he was high up a tree Terry got scared and falls out of the tree. Terry couldn't believe how much he was enjoying free falling. The feeling of the rushing wind made his hart race. He loves this new feeling he was exasperating. It was like nothing he has ever felt before but before he could fully enjoy this new feeling he hits the ground. To terry's surprise he landed on his feet safely.

God I need to get out of this body.

The longer I'm in this body the more I start to like the way it feels.

The sound of clapping breaks Terry contention. Terry looks over to see where it was coming from. Walking out of the darkness was Anthony with a smile on his face' on the part of his face you could see that is.

Not bad Selene' He says while walking towards Terry. With some work you could be better.

Terry was enraged that he called him Selene again. So Terry started walking away from Anthony like before but the same tree that he fell out of was blocking his way.

You don't have to be afraid of me' Anthony says while seeing what Terry was doing and stopped walking. I won't be here long.

I just came by to tell you about your punishment.

Terry had no clue as to that he was talking about until he remember Anthony had mention something about a punishment for his early attempt at escaping.

Terry starts thinking about what he was going to do to him. The punishment Terry figured was most likely more shocks.

Now you can think what you wont of me' says Anthony

While he was saying this Terry could see how sorry he was just by saying what he was saying.
You see Selene' taking a breath before finishing. All actions have to have consequences and now here is yours.

Terry didn't like were this was going. Terry's first thought was he was going to kill him or something and with his female body he couldn't defend himself.

Anthony then pulled out what looked like a small metal sphere with three holes on the front. Terry didn't know what it was but he just knew that it was bad.

This my dear 'says Anthony 'is one of 18 drones that I picked up from home to help out with the training. Anthony could see that Terry didn't know what he was talking about.

Well Selene as you are aware of we have a plain' Anthony stated

I was given a deadline to get you ready and I have thought of a way start your training and make sure you learn your lessen about what you did before.

Then Anthony tossed the drone in the air and the drone began to hover between Terry and Anthony. After I leave 'Anthony says' here this drone and the others will start to attack you.

Terry failed to see the point in this then stood up to look at Anthony on his level.

Now here is where it gets a little tricky' Anthony says while taking in a breath. Right now the drone's stingers are set on a very low stetting if you get hit by one it would feel like a bad pinch but every time you get hit by one the power increases.

Then without a warning the drone fires a shot at Terry. He Jumps out of the way but the drone fires again at where he landed. The drone stops shooting so Anthony could continue

You with only be give a three hour break each day to rest.

Terry's heart skipped a beat after hearing that. There was no way he could survive that.

You can't do that' Terry said out loud.

Then Terry realized that he just spook. It was coming out of the caller and it was a girl's voice.

A smile broke on Anthony face as he says' that's a little gift that I made just for you for when you're a good girl for me. When I come back I will turn it back on.

And just like that Terry was again redder mute.

Before Terry could do anything Anthony was out of sight but Terry could still smell Anthony. It was something he just now notices he could do.

I'll be back in a few weeks' he sounded like he was everywhere. I have some business out of town.

Terry was getting more and more censured for his safety.

Don't worry my dear' he finishes. Someone will be watching you and giving me updates. So if you survive the next couple of weeks I might give you a reward if you behave yourself.

Now Terry could no longer smell Anthony. Then without a warning the drone began to fire and Terry was forced to start running and jumping to avoid the hits

Bruce please' he cries to himself as he started jumping from one branch to another to avoid the stings .

Help me!


#19 | Posted: 19 May 2011 03:39 | Edited by: Tristra


the characters are not as flat
This is very good,
you are starting to see some depth in Terry's actions, (I particularly liked the dream scene) but some of the dialog is redundant. you don't need to do there introspection or narration if they are going to say what they are thinking right after, likewise if you can take a sentence that has shared content with an introspective statement and merge them into one vocal statement it will infer more in the characters actions, not everything needs to be narrated.
and I can tell you used a spell checker, but it got a lot of words wrong.

also Terry may put 2 and 2 together and know who Selena is, he already knows the guy has a thing against bat man, and due to the bad guy's rant earlier he has a little story on why. and Terry was told about Selena at the end of one of the episodes (S1 EP8 "Dead Man's Hand") it was the bonding punchline between Bruce and Terry. I wouldn't have remembered it but I love character development and this was the point where they started to trust each other more I think.

If he realizes this point it may give him a psychological edge later when escaping or trying to take down these people if he can seem to realty get in there head, Old batman did it with intimidating prescience, the new batman does it with words, Terry likes to talk.

Seeing the behind the scenes for Bruce and Barbra is good, but it may help to fill in some if you do a villein peace.
to fill out there personalities and give the readers a taste of what may be to come without giving much away, it would also give a feel for what Terry may need to do to get out.

the cast is growing on the bad guy side also and there should be some reason for that.
We now have arbitrary scientists, suggesting a research facility or some part of a evil organization,

if it is a facility then do the people that work there know about the evil plans or are they all just doing there job,
if it is an evil organization, then it is unlikely that the doctor is the head and we will at some point need some clues there.
Is he being funded to do something else, or is Terry/Selena to be there new weapon or tool they are paying the doctor for.
Also if the training and everything are on a deadline then that suggests ether outside funding, or a finite window to reach there goal because something will change and there goal will be beyond there reach. (IF Terry realizes they have a deadline he may try to stall, and suffer through torture to force there hand and make them slip up)
Some hints to all of this would be nice, but by all means keep us guessing, just give us new material to guess with, little tidbits.

If there is an evil group, in no way does it have to be some original thing, it can be from the new series like Kobra or from the old Ras Al Ghul (though this is totally out of Ras's style) or unrelated (they used Cobra, cobra commander mainly, in Transformers so why not)

As always my comments are meant to be critical food for thought, not discouragement.
I look forward to seeing more.


#20 | Posted: 19 May 2011 15:57

The only thing i would add is that Dana does know, in the epiloge of Justice League Terry has a fight with Dana over being duped by batman over the Amanda Waller Gambit.


#21 | Posted: 19 May 2011 16:48

Nekolix, are you getting this from comics or the animated series the comics were based on?

because that never happens in the cartoon, and comics given enough time always contradict themselves.
I mean look at superman.
he should be dead a few times over, he has been dead at least once and he's back and the staple of all superdom.


#22 | Posted: 19 May 2011 20:54

Justice LEague Unlimited TV Show, it bookended the end of the series with a batman beyond story


#23 | Posted: 20 May 2011 02:47

never seen it.
may have to check it out


#24 | Posted: 20 May 2011 03:32



#25 | Posted: 22 May 2011 23:17

Thanks for the link, and yes that is the episode.

did you notice the TG peace in that, It's easy to miss (lasting only for about a sec
Queen was a fat bald blond guy.

that does fill in some and give a nice wrap to the beyond series, even if it is far fetched.
but I get the feeling that this story likely happens before Dana finds out.

#26 | Posted: 24 May 2011 15:38

Weeks upon weeks go by with no results of Bruce's quest to find Terry. Bruce has gone days without sleep.

Two weeks ago, Bruce told Barbra to tell Terry's family that he had been kidnapped.

Bruce was there when she told Terry's mother and he almost cried with her.

Just as he thought, Terry's mom blamed him for her son's kidnapping. Barbra tried to convince Bruce that it wasn't but no matter what she said, Bruce felt the same. Bruce will never stop until he found Terry. Alive or dead.

Downtown Neo-Gotham a meeting was taking place. A meeting between some of the worst crime bosses from all over, not just from Neo-Gotham. The warehouse where they were meeting was pretty much empty accept for a couple of crates. They all stood waiting on their host to arrive. One of them stood up, a big and broad man, angry from waiting so long. After two hours of waiting, it would get to anyone.

"You know what..." he screamed to the rest of the men in the room.

"I'm tired of waiting on this guy. We have much more important things to do with our time then to..." then a voice out of the dark stopped him.

"You should know it's not good to yell like that." Said the voice "It puts too much strain on your voice."

The bosses then looked around to see where the disembodied voice was coming from.

"And you should know..." said a Japanese man in the back, "it's not good business to let you clients wait like this!"

"And I do apologize but you know traffic around this town!" Anthony then stepped out of the darkness next to the broad man, scaring him a little.

"Now, I think I have kept you men waiting long enough. So let's get on with why I have brought you all here."

Anthony walked over to the middle of the men. He raised his left arm the show the key board. Anthony hit some keys and a hologram appeared in front of him. It took a minute for the men to get what they were seeing. It was an imaged of Terry, running though the habitat.

One of the men bent down to look more closely at Terry.

"What are we looking at, Anthony?" one of the men asked, "It looks just like a splicer to me."

"Oh..." answered Anthony with his calm voice.

"She is much more than that. She has been bred with many attributes from some of my favorite felines. The strength of a lion, the speed of a cheetah, and she can climb and leap just as a leopard!" As Anthony explained this, he showed video footage of Terry doing just those things. "We also added some genes from other animals."

One of the buyers stood back up and said something to his assistant. Anthony couldn't hear what they were discussing. Then the buyer looked back at Anthony.

"How well is her field experience?"

"Well, she is a new born so she hasn't had that much field experience." Anthony stopped when he saw the look on their faces.

Anthony knew that they just couldn't believe that the specimen that they were looking at was a new born.

"How can she be a newborn?" asked one of the buyers

"Accelerated growth!" answered Anthony. "The rest of the data will be released to the highest bidder."

The buyers then started talking among themselves

Anthony switch off the video and sat down in the one and only chair and waited for them to finish. But unknown to Anthony and the buyers, that Bruce had tracked down one of them when they arrived in the city to that warehouse and he was using the robot to spy on the meeting.

Using the stealth mode, Bruce was able to get to the second level and watched the meeting. With the recording he was making he could keep those men in jail for a long time but Bruce was more focused on the one who took Terry, the man he was responsible but unknown to Bruce, Anthony was a lot smarter than any one of his old villains. Gently lifting his hood just enough to show his right eye. Which was some sort of implant. With it, Anthony could see Batman as clear as day.

"Well..." said Anthony standing up.

"If you all will excused me I have to check something!" The buyers didn't mind all that much and continued on talking.

Seeing this opening, Bruce prepares to attack the group. Bruce, still at the batcave, takes a deep breath and starts the onslaught. Once he jumped off the walkway, he switched back to normal and flew right in the group.
They didn't give that much of a fight at all. As the last guy got back up, Batman walked over to him. Once he saw him, batman just knew what was going to happen next. Batman picked up the man and held him in the air.

"Look..." Bruce said roughly through the robot. "I just have one question and you will answer!"

"Please!" Buyer pleaded, "Don't hurt me! I'll tell you anything you want."

"What do you know about Anthony?" Batman asked.

Before the buyer could answer him, Anthony shot him with some sort of dart. He was dead within seconds. As soon as Bruce saw Anthony, just standing there, just looking back at him, Bruce pulled out a batarang.

"Wait now!" Anthony raised his hand to stop him, "Why do we have to fight?"

"Sure I took away your partner!" Batman throws the batarang at Anthony. He caught it and threw it away.

"That..." Anthony continued, "Was pretty good for a man in his and I'm just guessing here late 60's?"

Bruce was very surprised about how closes he was.

"I have to admit Batman, you trained the kid well. He with stood some of the best techniques that I could muster!"

Bruce's worst fear was realized. One of his theories as to why he was taken in the first place was to be tortured. They were trying to get something out of him.

"I have to tell you he is very strong for his age. I have seen older men crack under less. I have gotten out surprisingly very little out of him."

That was good news to Bruce. If Terry was still fighting then he is still alive. Now, he just had to get Anthony to tell him where his is.

Powering on the jets in his boots caches Anthony of guard and knocked him down. But before Bruce could turn the robot around to face him, Anthony was already on his feet. As Batman swung his leg around to kick Anthony, he raised his arm and blocked it.

Batman with his other foot kicks his straight forward but again Anthony blocks it once again. With his leg still up, he took a swing with his left arm. With is right arm Anthony blocks it. Bruce takes hold of his arm and lifts himself to kicks Anthony. The force of the kick was so strong, that Anthony made a dent in the container he hit.

"Not bad!" Anthony said trying not to laugh and pulling himself of the dent he made. "I knew you would be like this."

Bruce was confused by this. Anthony seemed to be enjoying this.

"You know when I was a kid, I wanted to be you. I made myself to be like you but as you can see..." Anthony raised his hood to show Bruce his face.

Bruce has seen a lot it his time. Much more than one should but even that made him shiver a little.

"Life had other ideas!" Anthony put the hood back down

"Don't get me wrong Batman I still respect you and when this job came to me, I just couldn't help but get invalid if it meant meeting you."

"You are going to tell me where you are keeping him!"

"Come on detective!" Anthony says but still trying not to laugh.

"It's never fun when the villain tells you everything. It's more fun when the hero solves it."

"THIS IS NO GAME!!" Bruce screamed at him.

Then a flash of bright light blinds Bruce allowing Anthony to get away.

Thinking he failed again Bruce, thought the robot punches the wall.

"Oh Batman..." Anthony said again in the darkness, "If you let your anger get a hold of you like that, you will never find your replacement."

Bruce using thermal imaging, searches the room for Anthony but he was out of sight.

Taking some deep breaths Bruce starts to walk away when a torn piece of paper lands at his feet. The paper just had one name, Gotham. There were also other lines on the paper.

After telling Barbra where the buyers were, Bruce called the robot back so he could study the paper.

As the Batbot enters the cave a rush of hope falls over Bruce. If he could figure out what is on the paper, he could find Terry. Bruce had a tough time keeping his hand still. For the past couple of nights, Bruce has been working himself almost to death trying to find Terry.

Bruce placed the piece of paper on the scanner and sat down in his chair. The sound of Mary McGinnis, Terry's mother, crying on his monitor breaks his concentration and Bruce starts watching the monitor.

"My name is Mary McGinnis and about five weeks ago someone took my son Terry McGinnis from me!"

Mary McGinnis was speaking on the news. This is the 3rd time it had played today but this is the first time Bruce has watched it.

"Please..." Mary began crying, "I beg you, whoever as taken my son, whoever you are I beg release him to me and I will forget this. I will not hold it against you. All I want is my son back whatever you want I will get you it. Please..." again Mary cried out on the monitor, "Send me back my Terry!"

"And that..."said the news reporter, "was once again Miss Mary McGinnis calling out to her son's kidnapers to let them know they can let her son, Terry McGinnis go.

Bruce turned off the monitor and sat in silence for a few moments then said a loud

"I promise Miss McGinnis, I will find (cough, cough, cough) Terry. (Cough) If it's the last thing I do. I promise you, Mary. I promise you Terry, I will find you!"


#27 | Posted: 24 May 2011 23:12


other than the grammatical issues and misuse of a few words technically it is good.

as far as plot I see now a little more of what is going on but some of it still begs why and we still don't know any more about where Terry is being held or the people there.

#28 | Posted: 30 Jun 2011 18:29

While Bruce tries to catch his breath, we pull out of the batcave and head far across the city to the same habitat that Terry is in. But there, we may not find the same Terry.

Standing on top of a large branch, on one of the biggest tree in the whole habitat, was Terry still in the new form.

Terry's back main has grown since the last time we saw him. Something else has change too. When we last saw him, he was being chased by Anthony's drones and he wasn't doing so well.

Now we find Terry just standing there letting the wind blow through his Back main with his eyes closed. Minutes go by with little movement. It seems that he was waiting for something. Then his ear twitched; something was close. Then from behind, we see three drones blasting though the trees.

With seconds to spare, Terry smiles and jumps to the side just as the first drone was about to hit.

The three drones quickly change directions and headed down to follow Terry but what they didn't know, was that Terry had never fallen.

Using his claws, he had hooked himself to the same branch he had jumped off. Now, Terry was the one behind the drones. Letting out a little chuckle, he released himself and began to free fall.

With the wind rushing in his face, Terry reached out to grab the closest drone. His razor sharp nail cuts the drone in half. Drone 2 sensed what just happen and turns around and starts firing at the falling feline. While twisting his body to avoid getting hit, one of the stings hits the tree and blasts' a hole right through to other side. Terry then moves over to the tree, using his nails slows to a stop. The Drone then fires again and then Terry kicks off the tree and flies over the drone and in one motion grabs the drone and throws it at the tree, destroying the drone. Getting back to freefalling, Terry finds that the last Drone was ready to fire but Terry was able to grab it.

The drone tries to fly out of his hands but Terry's grip was too strong. Then Terry hits the ground with zero harm. Still holding the drone in his left hand Terry brushes the hair out of his eyes with his right. Then Terry turns and with the drone in his hands shots the fourth drone hiding in a bush.

"Oh..." Terry thought to himself, "that was too fast."

"I need to take it slow if I want the fun to last."

Then the sound of a beep on his caller brakes his train of thought and tells him that he needs to be at the pickup point.

Then Terry jumps on four legs and makes his way to the pickup spot.

It didn't take long for Terry to get to the elevator. Once he got there, he just sat on a stump and waited.
After the first week of the drones Terry was so tired, could not stand anymore, when he was told (over the intercom in his caller) when he was suppose to come in for checkups, he didn't put up much of a fight. He was lead to the same lab as before but Terry didn't dare try another escape. He figured that they would stop the attacks sooner if he did whatever they said.

So every week, once a week, they would call him in for the weekly checkups. Then after the second week Terry realized something: It just hit him that he didn't hate the attacks any more. To his surprise, he was enjoying it. He couldn't figure out why he was enjoying being shot at and only being given three hours to rest. Nor could he get how he has lasted this long.

When the elevator started to descend, Terry was surprised to see Anthony standing there. The past few weeks, the elevator was empty but that was not the only thing that got Terry. For some reason, Terry was excited to see him.

"Hello Selene!" Anthony said as the elevator stopped

Terry just sat there, looking right at Anthony

Anthony just stood in the elevator with a smile on his face

"Have you been a good kitty cat?"

Terry slowly nodded his head to answer Anthony's question.

"Well, come on in my drear!" Anthony said holding out his hand for Terry to grab.

Terry slowly gets up and starts walking on all fours over to Anthony. A foot a way Terry pulls himself up so he could grab Anthony hand. After doing so, Anthony gently pulled Terry into the elevator. Terry then stood next to Anthony as the elevator started going up.

"I have heard good things Selene!" said Anthony looking forward, "By the way because your behavior, I have reactivated your speech on your collar so you can talk now."

Feeling good that he can now speak again, Terry simply said, "thank you, Anthony." Terry didn't mind the new voice that came out, in fact he liked it.

"I couldn't help but notice, but have you been enjoying your training?"

"I have!" said Terry.

"I don't know why but the feeling of all that running and using my new body in new ways is just so exciting to me."

"You're adjusting to your new body and you loving it."

Terry couldn't believe it but he was right. Terry loved this new body of his and he didn't miss his old one. "What is happing to me?" Terry thought to himself. Why was he in love with this body? He loved his girlfriend. Then it hit Terry... he couldn't remember her name.

Anthony could see that he was thinking about something, "What on your mind, Selene?"

Seeing that they have reached the lab Terry just said just nothing.

Anthony walked out first and Terry followed behind.

Terry, like before, walked on all fours but this time he was swinging hips just a little with each step.

#29 | Posted: 30 Jun 2011 18:45

Instead of the chair Terry normally went to, Anthony lead Terry to a white room with a large white bed with black sheets. There was just one doctor in the room but she was a woman which made Terry feel better. This whole time Terry was being checked be male doctors and that made him very uneasy.

"What's going on?" Terry asked as he got back up on two feet

"Well my dear...' said Anthony as he led Terry to the bed, "And you and call me stupid for not realizing this sooner. You are a female and a pretty one and having male doctors can be a little odd."

Terry was to busy sniffing the new room to really notice the remark that Anthony just made.

"So from now on, as long you behave..." Anthony said as he watched Terry move around.

"Doctor April here will look after you!" Anthony continued.

Terry looked up at Anthony after he said that and it made him feel a whole lot better about the checkups.

"But what's with the room?" asked Terry after he sat down on the bed

"Like l said before Selene, you have been a good girl. So it's time for your reward!"

"Instead of your checkups today, you will rest in your room."

Then it hit Terry that this was his room and after spending all those weeks sleeping in the dirt, he would be able to sleep in a bed.

Anthony then tells Doctor April that she could leave and so she did. The white door closes behind her as she left.

"Now I will leave to you alone. Can I trust that you will be on your best behavior?"

Terry gets back to his feet so he could face Anthony.

"Yes sir!" He said trying not to sound too excited about the room.

"Please Selene, call me Anthony."

Terry hesitated for a moment

"Yes Anthony."

"Good!" said Anthony getting ready to head out.

"Now while I'm gone, why don't you take a nice long shower to get clean up, okay?"

Terry then notices that he did smell pretty bad and he was covered in dirt and stuff. A shower would be best he thought.

"Okay Anthony." said Terry.

"Good the shower..." Anthony points to the wall on the other side of the room. "Is over there."

"And after, feel free to take a long nap." Anthony continued

"Thank you Anthony!" said Terry then headed for the shower.

Right before Anthony walked out of the room he said, "There are no cameras in the shower in case you were wondering."

"And how am I supost to know if you're lying?" Terry asked

But he asked with he's head tilted and with a little smile which left Anthony clearly wondering about something.
"I have and never will lie to you my dear Selene!" Anthony said as the door closed leaving Terry all alone.
Terry was glad the he was out of the habitat but he was still being healed against he's will. Terry's first instinct was to find a way out of out of this room. First, Terry tries the door but it does nothing when Terry walks over to it.

The door has no door handle and only opened when someone walks to it. Terry saw the door do that when Doctor April and Anthony walked out but when he tries the door stays closed.

Just like the habitat, Terry was trapped and he had to deal with it.

Terry sits back on the bed and just looks around his new home. There wasn't much to look at all: the walls were just white but with his new eyes Terry could see far more.

Terry could see small little doors all over the room which tells him that apart from the door that lead out of the room, Terry could open any other parts which were properly things like a closet or the bath room.

There was little door that was right in front of him that he got a little curious about. So, Terry gets up to look at it more closely. The door opens and shows that it' a TV.

"Nice!" Terry says.

Terry starts looking for the controller but is unable to find it.

"How am I supposed to turn this thing on?" Terry says to himself

Then Terry jumps back on to the bed, when he lands, because TV has turned on its own, scaring him.
The TV was on a channel that played old cartoons. Terry thinks that it was showing Spiderman or something.
Terry then sits back down and figures that if Bruce wanted to tell him something, he would use the news or something.

"Aw TV!' says Terry," Switch to the news please."

The channel remains were it was.

Terry was confused so he asked again but louder.

Again the channel remained.

#30 | Posted: 30 Jun 2011 18:48

"Okay then!" says Terry.

"How about a scan of all available channels?"

Terry watches as the TV scans though channel after channel. Terry was confused that he didn't see any news channel so far. Minutes go by and Terry sees nothing that could be anything from Bruce. Terry lets out a big sigh of frustration and falls back on the bed.

What's the point in letting me have a TV and restrict some of the channels!

"And why did he give me this voice?" Terry screamed quietly to himself

After seeing that there was no point in fighting, Terry decides to take that shower that Anthony asked him to take.

Terry then jumps off the bed and walks over to the door that Anthony pointed to before he left. Like Terry thought, the door opened when he stood in front of it.

The shower room was smaller than the white but it was still bigger than his old bed room. Looking around Terry could see small holes over the walls and ceiling.

Terry slowly walks in and sees a small digital pad on the side wall. It had a temperature control on it that looked simple enough to get. One side says hot and the other side says cold. You hit one side and the Water comes out. Terry figured out how it worked, he hit the start button on the top and the water starts spraying.

Terry didn't know that he hit the cold button and he was quickly sprayed him with ice water. Terry jumps back into the white room.

Terry then takes a few breaths and jumps back in the shower and hit the hot button. It takes Terry a minute to adjust to the water. After going so long without a good shower Terry just stands there and lets the water run on his body. Terry looks down and just watches the dirt and mud that he didn't know he had on him washed down the drain.
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