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Another Recap by Debbie



#1 | Posted: 28 Mar 2007 04:54

Another Recap.

Love, Debbie


#2 | Posted: 28 Mar 2007 08:52

Wow! Cindy is cute:)

Great job!


#3 | Posted: 28 Mar 2007 19:21

Excellent recapping, but except for the fact that this is in a TG forum, there's nothing in the dialogue to indicate that the speaker is either transformed or in drag.

TGCapper and Moderator 

#4 | Posted: 28 Mar 2007 22:15

Hmm, yeah, methinks Cindy needs more to her book's title than just her given name... some added text could make it something more along the lines of The Mighty Thor, Millie the Model, etc. (I leave it up to you to find an appropriate title!)


#5 | Posted: 29 Mar 2007 04:59

Hmmm, personally I like subtle and ambiguous, but here's a variation to make it slightly more obvious whats going on.

I'll have a think about some titles. On the subject of titles I once planned a Viz style comic strip called "Edward Confesses (he often crossdresses)". Anyone outside the UK may have to Google "Viz Comic" to get a hint of the sort of thing I mean. Now that *wasn't* subtle :)

Love, Debbie



#6 | Posted: 29 Mar 2007 05:36

the first one does it fully and sufficiently.
at least as this is a tg-site here.
and others (who don't know anything about tg) will most probably neither catch the wooden hammer version.
Maria Ski


#7 | Posted: 29 Mar 2007 08:23

The first version was fine in my eyes...
Does a re cap really have to hit you between the eyes..?

Subtle works for me.


#8 | Posted: 29 Mar 2007 11:30

OK. This may be a minority opinion, but I like the second version better. The whole point of a comic cover is to clue the reader, who may never have read the comic before, into a: what's going on and b: why should I get this comic.

If you KNOW it's TG, the first version works, but if you don't, the second one does.

Well done.
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